“The paper provides a much-needed analysis of the drive to ‘decolonise’ the plant collections at RBG Kew.

Everyone who went anywhere sent plants back to Kew. Whadda ya mean “decolonise”?

7 thoughts on “Bit weird”

  1. Maybe they want to send them back to where they came from? Of course they could then try out the policy on a lot of other immigrants.

  2. Utter mindless ideology for the sake of mindless ideology but couched in terms of vicious anti-white hatred (who do you think would have done the collecting – and the classification, research etc etc).

    What do they actually want? Kew is a seed bank of global importance and by definition, most of the seeds it holds will not be of UK origin. They will either destroy the seed bank itself, or worse (in my humble opinion) destroy and debase the scientific thinking behind it.

    A successful parasite cannot destroy its host. Do they really not understand this (silly of me, of course they don’t, just look at chink flu)

  3. It seems like they just want to put signs on plants that are linked to slavery and wypipo doing bad stuff. That means all the plants, of course.

    They also ought to give up using Latin names for plants, that being the language favoured by colonists. It would make their lives a lot harder, though, having to converse in Pidgin and Swahili or whatever. They’d have trouble finding stuff.

  4. Do any of these people ask if this will reduce the number of visitors? Like that 2016 Ghostbusters film that was all about woke feminism and crashed and burned because men (the major audience of Ghostbusters films) stayed away.

    Going to Kew is about looking at some fantastic plants, maybe learning some interesting things about them.

    This reminds me of the trip to the Science Museum where the kids had a talk about Elijah McCoy who did something to do with the lubrication of steam engines, but it was really about how he was born a slave. Basically, fuck science, here’s some political correctness. As far as I’m concerned, the Science Museum is done. Let Salt Bae turn it into a restaurant.

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