So, metals company to Tim, 20 odd years ago.

“We’ve got this great new method of making this metal”

“Hmm, but no one uses this metal”.

14 years ago

“We’ve got this great new method of using this metal”

“Hmm, but no one uses this metal.”


“We’ve got this great new method of making this metal”


Can’t recall whether it’s one or two bankruptcies along the way for these folks.


9 thoughts on “Bless”

  1. I’ve got this great new idea for making Hydrogen, but I don’t have the facilities to test it, a small grant, something in the region of half a mill, should be enough to make some initial investigations.

  2. “Not everyone shares Cassote’s enthusiasm for lithium mining. After three decades living in Amsterdam, Mario Inacio, a 50-year-old professional dancer, recently returned to his home in Portugal with plans to build a yoga retreat deep in the countryside – somewhere bucolic and isolated where guests could wake to the sound of birdsong.”

    You mean this bit? Having some acquaintance with the dutch Entertainment Scene, I can’t recollect any “professional dancer” over the age of 35-ish, and certainly no-one of any (relative) importance with that name. And googling doesn’t help, even with rather strict crediting requirements here..

    As much as a “dancer” as your average “actress” then…. Promises something for his yoga expertise then…

  3. I must write to the Guardian. I have solved the ‘white oil’ problem!!!!

    A brilliant new invention, for which I’m only asking a miserable trillion dollars, allows cars to run by using explosives.

    It’s true!!!!! Mixing a volatile fluid with air and igniting it with synthetic lightning allows a pressure driven system to propel vehicles for miles on a single charge. And the system can be so quickly recharged by just pumping in more fluid, instead of waiting for the wind to blow and top up your EV.

    The system is much more ecologically sound than EV’s. It recycles dead dinosaurs that were inadvertently buried millions of years ago, and re-inserts into the ecosystem all that wasted carbon and hydrogen.

    I’m waiting with bated breath for the Green activists to march applauding to my door and demand the recognition of my godhood.

  4. More Guardian nonsense – I clicked on the link and almost instantly regretted it.

    Surely the profits of slavery (Scott ‘Trust’) will run out soon and then the Grauniad will lack funding – what a shame.

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