FBI hunts for fugitive parents of school gunman Ethan Crumbley as they are charged with manslaughter
Couple could face up to 15 years in jail if convicted, after their son killed four pupils and injured seven more in high school gun rampage

I think I’ve seen that the kid is being charged as an adult. Which would seem to make manslaughter against the parents difficult if the idea is that as parents they shouldn’t have let him do it.

But then American prosecutors, they do try to charge everyone with everything, don’t they?

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  1. American lawdogs would seem to be equally vulnerable to the same charges. Nobody was saved by their action and/or lack of action. Lets see the bastards trying to arrest each other for a change.

  2. Sounds like a politically-motivated prosecution to me. Not political against the parents, but political in the sense of a prosecutor who wants to move up the ladder, as state Attorneys General are an elected position here.

    If it weren’t unconstitutional, I’d make state AGs not only an appointed position, but one that makes you ineligible to run for political office for several years. Pretty much every state AG uses the position to push politically-motivated cases against wrong-thinking businesses.

  3. Being an actual Michigander, actually in Oakland County . . . I have not seen the charging documents, but I’m going on the assumption that they are being charged this way on the basis of a) failing to secure the weapon in question b) proving the weapon to an underage person c) a ‘straw’ purchase of the weapon d) criminal negligence (for knowing or should-have-known that the child was seeking to buy ammunition for the weapon e) criminal negligence (for knowing or should-have known that the child was mentally unwell and should not have access to weapons) f) other causes I have not thought of. Or a combination of the above. Some of these are/ may be federal charges rather than state charges, so I’m not sure how that stacks up.

    As it so happens, I am not (as you might say) entirely unfamiliar with the Oakland County prosecutor’s office so I will see what I can learn.



  4. The parents presumably gave him the gun before the pumpkin hour when he became an adult for purposes of prosecution. I admit I don’t see why it matters that the DA wants to pretend that he was an adult. Clearly he wasn’t but I don’t myself see any objection to executing such a wicked fifteen year old even if he’s not a (fictional) adult. Save money: execute while young.

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