Congratulations on creating a new black market

New Zealand has announced it will outlaw smoking for the next generation, so that those who are aged 14 and under today will never be legally able to buy tobacco.

New legislation means the legal smoking age will increase every year, to create a smoke-free generation of New Zealanders, associate health minister Dr Ayesha Verrall said on Thursday.

“This is a historic day for the health of our people,” she said.

Someone needs to start looking at those cocaine subs and whether they can get from Indonesia to NZ.

17 thoughts on “Congratulations on creating a new black market”

  1. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    I guess they will need a fairly sophisticated ID system to at least show they are trying to enforce this.

    I wonder how they could possibly get the people to accept such a system, and, as politicians will be wont, what future uses it could be put to?

  2. I have to agree. This is one of the stupidest ideas the NZ government has come up with. It might even match the green rubbish.

    One can only think of the Yanks prohibition, or the Chinese dealing with those awful white barbarians peddling opium.

    I suppose that, since it’s failed so many times, they just can’t resist giving it another try.

  3. I thought about that as point one. Obviously it’s a great day for organized crime in New Zealand.

    The concern I have is twofold. Surely prohibitions on Meat and alcohol can’t be far behind. Additionally, trends which start in NZ, Australia and Canada seem to have a way of ‘bleeding’ into UK political discussions. Already various local authorities are considering similar policies here.

  4. As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

  5. This is mad queen Jacinda again, is it?

    May the gods preserve us from those who know what’s good for us.

  6. Cannabis should grow pretty well in NZ. I’m told by a friend that eating it is a more pleasurable way to consume it rather than smoking so a potential market for specialist cookies, brownies and happy herb pizzas.

  7. If it’s only the selling that’s illegal, could you operate a website from the UK and have distribution from a warehouse in NZ?

  8. If it’s only the selling that’s illegal, could you operate a website from the UK and have distribution from a warehouse in NZ

    I’m afraid the Indonesians are already flooding both Australia and New Zealand with reasonable quality cigarettes and rolling tobacco at a far cheaper price than your UK/NZ operation could manage. If customs seize the goods they will ship replacement product at no cost, which goes to show how extortionate taxes and other government markups on cigarettes and tobacco are.

    In addition to the direct personal import business there is the bulk smuggling of pre-packed fake cigarettes and rolling tobacco of very variable quality that is sold by the usual ragtag waifs and strays in pubs, clubs, restaurants and behind the counter of most small shops. Everybody knows it goes on, but as long as nobody talks about it everybody is happy, other than Comrade Jacinda and the usual health Nazis and who gives a flying phuq about them?

  9. The issue here is symbolic.

    Jacaranda Vagina-Dentata needs her arrogant bullshit reigned in. She needs to be shown she is no more than shite on God’s shoe.

    This Verrall creature needs her teeth taking out with pliars and without anesthetic on video so the world gets a clear idea of what Govt BS is really worth.

    That will give JCVD something to contemplate for her own future.

  10. Prohibition, the opium thing, the current War on Drugs, etc… But this time it’s different..

    One has to laugh..

  11. The anti-smoking campaigns and better understanding of the health risks of smoking have been remarkably successful in reducing smoking from about three fourths of the population to perhaps a fifth in two generations. That’s a remarkable success. However, one thing about liberals is that they are never satisfied with remarkable success but rather want 100% compliance. I suppose you could argue that increasing cigarette taxes even more might reduce that last 20% further, but that won’t be satisfactory because someone will still just pay the tax and keep smoking. Like the medieval church they want full obedience, however, as Tim says, they’ll get a black market instead. Perhaps also a resurgence of roll your own.

  12. I suppose that, since it’s failed so many times, they just can’t resist giving it another try.

    See also: socialism.

  13. Losing near two billion in tax take might focus some minds though.

    Especially as petrol taxes are to drop if the greens get their way.

    So the average person will start to see new taxes. Thereby pissing off pretty much everybody — smokers without their fix to those who bought electric cars thinking that they would be subsidized not heavily taxed.

  14. And Māoris figure out a cultural exemption in 3….2….1…..
    In Canada it’s part of the First Nations culture so anti-smoking campaigns have to be culturally sensitive to traditional tobacco use

  15. This is just another way of the Labour government funding the gangs. They’ve already paid gangs millions of dollars of our money for them to set up meth addiction treatment programmes to treat the problem that the gangs are causing by importing and dealing meth.
    The gangs are probably upset that the Chinese are taking over the cigarette importation market so have lobbied the government to do something to reset the balance back to them. They’ll be able to out muscle the Chinese and so run the distribution side of the business. Next step will be to ask for more millions of taxpayer funding to treat nicotine addiction and the cycle will be complete.

  16. Don’t worry they’re going to legalise cannabis smoking, nitrogen a hint of double standards. Jacinta struck it lucky with an easy covid strategy but her numbers are falling rapidly.

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