Damn fool idiots

But it’s possible to admire the tenacity:

Anti-vaxxers are block-booking appointments at mass vaccination centres, it has emerged, in an apparent attempt to prevent others receiving the life-saving jab.

Perhaps tenacity is the wrong word, ingenuity.

Yes, yes, yes, barking made, damaging, disgraceful and all that. But it’s possible to divorce the stupidity of the cause from the tenacity to it.

19 thoughts on “Damn fool idiots”

  1. Yup, kinda counterproductive to obstruct the free will of others while decrying your own.

    Being anti-mandate doesn’t have to mean anti-choice as well.

  2. I notice no actual evident of this block=booking is offered. I suspect a convenient excuse for low vax rates coupled with a chance to smear “anti-Vaxers”.

  3. Bloke in North Korea (Germany Province)

    “Hi, can I block book 500 jabs please?”

    Now who is a more likely culprit? Someone who doesn’t want the jab or a Piszer rep?

  4. Given bookings don’t actually mean anything — a relative tells me that they had booked a time slot but were just put in a queue with the various people who had just walked in off the street — I don’t see how this can have the claimed effect.

  5. It reminds me of the CS Lewis quote about do-gooders being worse tyrants than those who mean you harm. That seems to apply to both extremes of the current debate.

  6. The term “anti-vaxxer” covers not only people who don’t want a vaccination, but also people who’ve been vaccinated but oppose the imposition of vaccine passes. As to anti-vaxxers actively preventing other people from getting the vaccine, it seems a bit far fetched to me. A conspiracy theory cooked up by someone with an altogether different agenda, but there are so many crackpots out there, who knows?

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    When I booked my appointment I had to give my NHS number so it could check when I had my last jab so how does block booking work?

  8. Doesn’t pass the smell test. Just doesn’t sound right. How would they do that? I suspect at this stage all those that are going to get the jab have already done so and even if someone was to block book sessions there are many places that are just walk in so how could they block those?

    imo. Another smear attempt at people that don’t want to get vaxxed.

  9. Tactic said to have been used

    Saddam Hussein said to have WMD.

    It comes after anti-vaccination demonstrators took the streets of London the day before in protest at new Covid restrictions

    It would take Tony Robinson and the Time Team crew to unbury this lede.

    Some staff said patients had not arrived for their bookings and the centre was “really quiet” by mid-morning

    It couldn’t be that booking a slot is free and carries no obligation, and some – possibly hung over – people found it inconvenient to travel to Wembley on a Sunday morning. No, spies and saboteurs are to blame! Be like Comrade Jabkhanov and get your 27 patriotic boosters!

    It comes after Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, accused unvaccinated patients of “taking up hospital beds” and said they now represent nine out 10 patients in hospital needing the most care.

    This is a total, utter, barefaced, cunting lie. Vaxxed or unvaxxed, Covid patients aren’t taking up hospital beds, they’re now almost a rounding error in total demand for NHS beds, which are under pressure because of all the people who got sicker from non-Covid conditions due to lockdown-related delays in their treatment.

    They must really think about the damage they are doing to society […] but instead of protecting themselves and protecting the community they choose not to get vaccinated. They are really having a damaging impact

    Do we at least get a snazzy yellow star to wear? Actually, come to think of it, nah. Fuck you, Saj. Fuck you and your gigantic shiny lying head. Fuck off back to Easter Island, you megalocephalic human wankstain.

    Official government data is starting to show encouraging signs that a number of unvaccinated people are deciding to come forward for their first dose

    Now you see who this propaganda is aimed at. You don’t want to be like those evil, selfish health terrorists, do you? Book your Safe* and Effective series of potentially unlimited jabs and boosters now!

    *unless you mysteriously collapse clutching your chest during a football match, lol

  10. Steve,

    “This is a total, utter, barefaced, cunting lie. Vaxxed or unvaxxed, Covid patients aren’t taking up hospital beds, they’re now almost a rounding error in total demand for NHS beds, which are under pressure because of all the people who got sicker from non-Covid conditions due to lockdown-related delays in their treatment.”

    The NHS is fucking useless. Every winter it has a “winter crisis” in the same way that every winter, the rail companies cancel trains when there’s a nanometer of snow on the rails, despite the existence of the trans-Siberian railway.

    But the public sector loves having an excuse not to do things. They’ve already got your money, so why work hard? Just “we can’t be bothered” doesn’t sound good. Covid has been like a dream to them. Totally mugged the public who meekly nod and bang their pans.

  11. “an apparent attempt to prevent others receiving the life-saving jab.” The evidence for its being life-saving is remarkably thin. It’s not what the Pfizer trials showed (though nobody among the general public could have known that until a Freedom of Info request winkled the data out of the US FDA).

    This is worth a look: I suggest you look at p33 first, and then read through the document. A bit of a chiller. But at least the trials showed that the jab protects you substantially from feeling a little under the weather. Not to be sniffed at.


    It would seem that when I agreed to be doubled Pfizered I was not giving “informed consent”, the info I needed having been deliberately hidden from me.

  12. My guess (for it is such, not a mystic Neil Ferguson ‘model’)is that the Omicron wave will be predominantly (and disproportionately) in the vaccinated and boosted sections of society, and the PTB are sh*tting themselves that their ‘vaccine’ is going to look bad, and they are trying desperately to get rid of the unvaccinated in order to hide this fact. All evidence so far points to the Big O going through the double vaxxed and boosted like a dose of salts.

    Very pleasingly that annoying twat Brian May has copped it at a suitably triple jabbed and tested dinner party, he was on the news earlier moaning about it. I laughed. All your jabs and masks and tests didn’t keep you from catching it did they Brian?

  13. Dearieme

    That’s a damning document on the face of it but I can see no response to it; have you seen one?

    The other thing is that it’s an attack on Pfizer’s introduction data. It would be much more valuable if it collected data on safety and efficacy since.

    That it does not suggests to me that the mRNA stuff is relatively safe and effective.

  14. It is all Govt BS.

    Even Bogus J hates Savid Javid. He only brought the chrome-domed bastard back to soak up flak once his tame target Hand-Cock was down shit-creek.

  15. Dearieme


    I’ll go think about that link.
    But just like the original paper, the link Is bobbling about short term data.
    The interesting curve is total deaths over time. I don’t think we get that from the Covid numbers; and those numbers are bullshit anyway (the Covid killed you if you were diagnosed with it within 28 days – a mesure not used for any other malady)

    It’s still my impression that death rates and hospitalisations have fallen with the mRNA injections; on the assumption that the diseases exists and that mRNA injections work (as the science says they should) this isn’t surprising.

    But really all this says is we should use the same criteria for other death cause assignations as is currently done for Covid. So everybody needs to be tested for flu and other leading killers with the same intensity; somehow it will not be possible, though, to assign cause of death to “listening to climate crisis bullshit”….

  16. There’s something very odd about the adverse effects and deaths relating to vaccines in Canada what little data there is shows very low rates when compared to other countries.
    My suspicion is they are turning a blind eye or massaging the definition so they can keep saying the vaccines are totally safe

  17. @ BiT: “on the assumption that the diseases exist …”: I make that assumption too.

    “… and that mRNA injections work (as the science says they should)”: but Pfizer’s big controlled trial says they don’t work, at least as a defence against death, hospitalisation, hospital visits, and being ill enough to have your functions impaired. All that the trial could claim as success was cutting the number of people getting infected.

    I am struck that the trial results are the opposite of what governments have been claiming – they have taking to admitting that the jabs don’t prevent infection but claiming that they do save you from hospitalisation and death.

    Lying? Too stupid to know? Search me.

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