Dutch sex

So, a cloggie interviewed. Maybe a cloggess:

VICE: When was the last time you had sex?
Larissa: It must have been about a month ago.


Frequency of sex: 10/10

Hmm, so it’s not all that popular as a participatory sport over there then?

7 thoughts on “Dutch sex”

  1. This is ever so subtly: sad. Not that copious sex is always and forever a good thing, but if there’s ever a time to fill your boots its first year of being a styaudent, and well i can only think her definition change refers to porn, which is really a substitute rather than a modern re-definition.

  2. Heh.. popular enough..
    It’s more she definitely knows she can get some when she feels like it and if/when she likes the bloke in question. The key word here is “feels like it”.
    Sex isn’t the hush-hush Mythical Thing that Isn’t Talked About, not are us cloggies bothered with the “Purity” fad in general. Legal age is 16, and you’ll be hard-put to find a virgin past 18, and in fact, past 20 people generally assume and expect some experience in the matter.

    Given some of her answers you can expect her bedside drawer to be pretty well stocked as well for …personal enjoyment. And use of that stuff doesn’t class as “sex” over here, so… ymmv..

  3. We really ought to rate Larissa, shouldn’t we? I’ll give her 6/10 for having to look so carefully to make certain she’s not a tranny. Still not positive.
    I do love how all these snowflakes gripe about their lack of personal time. From what I see of them it’s all personal time. Hard enough to pry them away from playing with their phones.

  4. @Hallowed Be Ah.. That’s a subtle thing easily missed… She’s a Freshman at Uni at 22.. That means it’s not her real freshman year, but that she already has a college/poly degree and moved further up the ladder to Uni, with possibly even a year-long break.

    It’s actually her 5th year as a student.. Proper Uni Freshmen are 18.

  5. Grikath yeah missed that and yeah ok I’d say slowing down is a sign of maturity. Of course the real question (not necessarily this person) but for the comparison of generations, is not when did you last have sex, but when were you in a long term relationship and for how long? Sex might be an indicator but the real generational change will come from inability to form lasting relationships.

  6. Long-lasting rel….. *pfffrrrttt…* that one?
    Unless lightning strikes or something she won’t even be looking for something steady until she’s 30 or so.. When her Ovaries start to rattle like maracas, and every decent male will have Experience in exactly spotting the Signs of Doom…

    There’s already photographic evidence in the article of her having acquired the Cat Lady Starter Kit already. so…..

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