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Salon really should know by now that the problem with vaccinating the poor countries isn’t about patents. But they publish a Common Dreams piece that blames not just poor vaccination rates but the emergence of the Omicron variant entirely on the capitalist drug companies and their intellectual property. This is all entirely an invention of Global Justice Now, a group that campaigns against capitalism, let alone patents on medicines.

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  1. It’s not just the US. I’m increasingly seeing “not enough vaccines because capitalism” articles in the UK media. Many penned by a particular one eyed son of the manse or echo-chambered by the usual “capitalism = neoliberalism = evil” mob.

  2. Whenever Brown sticks his oar in, rule of thumb is that he is clueless of the subject. Everything he touched in government turned to shit. The useless tosser should just retire and keep his gob shut.

  3. If omicron symptoms are as mild as they are reported then we should be promoting the bug as much as we can. It’s the cowpox v smallpox equivalent. Chicken pox parties / omicron parties anyone?

  4. It’s remarkable that Brown cocks up the facts on every topic he touches. When he was young he was undoubtedly an able laddie. Years of frustrated ambition had obviously undermined his character but I’m mildly surprised that it’s buggered up his intellect too.

    Still, whenever anyone says he was a lousy PM I reply that he was a much worse Chancellor of the Exchequer.

  5. Leaky vaccines cause variants which can avoid or survive them. Anyhow the rate of infection and death in most third-world countries is much lower than in the first world. They are obliged to use cheap repurposed drugs, which work. The vaccines mostly don’t.

  6. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Rhoda: “The vaccines mostly don’t.”

    Some observers suspect that the fake vaccines are beginning to work exactly as intended.

  7. jgh, just one more glass

    If Cloacal Justics wants not-capitalism, they can just go ahead and do not-capitalism, nobody’s stopping them.

  8. It’s strange how 4 of the best known variants, original, Kent, India and now Seth Effrica appear to have developed when cases were really low.
    Don’t let it rip they said to the UK in July, you risk increasing the odds of immune escape.
    It looks like the odds run the other way with corona. Just an observation.

  9. Waitamoment… You’re actuallly writing saleable stuff using Salon?!!

    Cudos, but isn’t that bathing in the Midden?

  10. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Omicron emerged in unvaccinated refugee blecks with HIV and cancer in darkest Africa and it will cause collapsing NHS house prices to crash into pedophiles.

  11. Well, yes. The folks buying are a complaint group – complaining about bias and stupidity in the media. So, Salon’s actually a great place. Except as they’ve said, that’s a bit fish/barrel. That Salon’s wrong is hardly news.

    The work does require that I read Bustle, Mashable, Teen Vogue and the like. Which is why they’ve got to pay me of course.

  12. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    That’s just your excuse for having many well-thumbed copies of Teen Vogue lying around when you get raided for wrongthink.

  13. Well, yes, except the magazine was so totally shit that they moved it to web only…..would work as an excuse on my browser history tho’…..

  14. Still, whenever anyone says he was a lousy PM I reply that he was a much worse Chancellor of the Exchequer.

    The only good or useful thing Brown did while in No 11 was to keep us out of the euro. But that was purely because his bestest mate, Tony, wanted in. Had Blair been against joining the euro, Gordon would have pushed for it with all his might.

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