Folks fuck less when abortion’s more difficult

Between 2011 and 2014, Texas enacted three pieces of legislation that significantly reduced funding for family planning services and increased restrictions on abortion clinic operations. Together this legislation creates cross-county variation in access to abortion and family planning services, which we leverage to understand the impact of family planning and abortion clinic access on abortions, births, and contraceptive purchases. In response to these policies, abortions to Texas residents fell 20.5%and births rose 2.6% in counties that no longer had an abortion provider within 50 miles. Changes in the family planning market induced a 1.5% increase in births for counties that no longer had a publicly funded family planning clinic within 25 miles. Meanwhile, responses of retail purchases of condoms and emergency contraceptives to both abortion and family planning service changes were minimal.

Abortions down lots, live births up a bit, contraception doesn’t change much.

One reading of that is that folks fuck less when abortion is more difficult.

This is true even if we adjust for the number of live births relative to abortions. 377 k live births a year, 56k induced abortions. No of abortions falls, relatively, more than number of live births rise, relatively. Or even, 11,200 fewer abortions, 9,800 more births…..

6 thoughts on “Folks fuck less when abortion’s more difficult”

  1. True TMB. So in that case, the cost and/or inconvenience of having to travel means 9800 more births per year.

    It’ll certainly be interesting to see what the ultimate results are if the power to make laws on abortion is returned to the states.

  2. 25 or 50 miles is spitting distance in most of rural Texas, the nearest Walmart is probably further away than that.

  3. We could always revert to the grand old tradition of the Roman Republic. Unwanted girl babies, obviously handicapped boys – just kill them, usually by exposure.

    Whereas our fairly recent ancestors- say up until the era when almost all births happened in hospitals – would often let a handicapped mite die but preserve the others.

  4. I think its less that folk fuck less and more ‘women-folk will insist on actually using birth control’.

    Easy access to cheap abortion seems to make people think its supposed to be their *primary* form of birth control and not the last resort when they’ve really screwed (heh) up.

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