Fun line

Extravagantly produced by Alan Parsons in the style of Phil Spector’s “wall of sound”, it might be the most bombastically over the top pop hit of the 1970s not to have been sung by Freddie Mercury.

2 thoughts on “Fun line”

  1. About 20 years ago, as a treat for our mum, we went to see Ken Dodd at Eastbourne. We lasted 2 1/2 hours – ie the first half.

    His girlfriend came on and performed this song, she sat at the piano and shouted while the little band, which up to then had had nothing to do, gamely played along. It was terrible.

    What was good, though, was that Doddy failed to appear back on stage at the appointed cue. She rushed off ( band still playing), got instructions and impressively improvised with the band following her until getting the signal to wind up.

    “Music” is one if those staples of Austrian and German regional radio, barely a day goes by, I’m sure, without it getting played.

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