Government by twats

An interesting defence:

The claim dates back to 2014 and the introduction the following year of EU directives covering labels meant to show the energy efficiency of vacuum cleaners.

Dyson argued that its bagless designs were more efficient than traditional models, which lose suction and become less effective as their bags fill up.

This means they have to use more power to maintain the same levels of suction.

Because they have no bags, Sir James argued his “cyclonic” devices do not suffer from this problem.

He also said the testing regime was a sham that benefitted traditional vacuum makers, because it only sampled vacuums when they were empty and failed to reflect real-life usage.

This meant vacuum cleaners with bags might attain the highest “A” grade when tested by the EU, even though they could fall to a “G” grade when used by consumers at home.

So, he wins. The tests were crap, instituted by twats. He pursues damages. The reason he’s not going to get damages?

However, the General Court of the EU has rejected their claim and ordered them to pay the Commission’s legal costs.

“The court concludes that the Commission demonstrated conduct that could be expected from an administrative authority exercising ordinary care and diligence and, consequently, that the Commission did not manifestly and gravely disregard the limits on its discretion,” the court said.

Government are fucking twats so government being fucking twats isn’t a reason for damages.

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  1. They won’t want to be sending money to a billionare. Particularly to a Britsh one who was so vocal in support of Brexit.

  2. I didn’t even have a clue whether my vacuum cleaner was bagless or not. However, after going to the trouble of reading an article on the choices, I’d say just let people choose which best suits them.

    I do suspect that the efficiency of both sorts is similar, depending on how much muck the container or bag of each is carrying around.

  3. A few years ago, I took the state of Lower Austria to court and won. I was going to have to do it again to gain compensation. There was no guarantee that I would win again and would end up like Dyson having to pay costs. As the initial victory had only cost me a few hundred Reichsmarks, because I had an unanswerable case, I took the win and the fact that the civil servants who made the fuck up had to be reassigned.

    Roman Law, dontcha love it.

  4. Roman Law worked pretty well in Scotland until the era of the tartan fascist governments. Now it may even be as bad as English law.

  5. We had a Dyson DC03 and despite the TV adverts claiming “no loss of suction” showing it sucking black powder of a shiny white lab bench, it was constantly getting clogged up. What would happen is that a sweet wrapper or cat fur or even fluff from a new carpet would get into it an collapse the cyclone. The dust would then be sucked straight through and into the filter which would clog solid in minutes. Why do they even have filters if the technology is that good and how can they never clog if they do have them.

    If it’s a “G” efficiency for the full bag cleaner it must be something like a “K” for a Dyson DC03 with a filter full of dust.

  6. @ AndyF
    It is very easy to remove most of the dust from the filter.
    I haven’t used a DC03 so I don’t know what’s wrong with them but the Dyson I did have never suffered from collapse of a cyclone, occasionally things got stuck in the hose

  7. “Because they have no bags, Sir James argued his “cyclonic” devices do not suffer from this problem”

    As noted by others above, they most certainly DO get clogged. I once had to unblock my sisters Dyson – as well as various brushes and an airline, I used my battered old “Aquavac”…

  8. Dyson…. You mean the vacuumy things that were immedeately cloned on Tell-Sell ages ago up until this day?

    When it’s flogged on there you just *know* it doesn’t work as advertised..

  9. Yeah I’ll bite.
    Used a dyson upright with HEPA filters for years.
    The shit that it would pick up was astonishing.

    what was more astonishing was the complete clean output beyond the filters. Several years usage and not a mote of dust came through that process. Staggeringly effective.

    Conversely, if something does block it, you know about it almost immediately and it’s really not hard to clear.

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