Government’s shit at doing things

The big argument against a larger state is that government’s shit at doing things:

A scheme to bring Afghan refugees to the UK is to open five months after the fall of Kabul, the Home Office has announced,

Takes 5 months to do an emergency thing. Having government involved in more of life is a good idea because?

9 thoughts on “Government’s shit at doing things”

  1. I see that we are being chugged by our telly to help out with the unfortunates in Afghanistan. I don’t suppose any of those oil rich countries in the middle east with be dipping into their pockets.

  2. But critics of the scheme say it provides too little support, too late, because many civilians who would benefit from help from the UK have already faced recriminations from the Taliban and are no longer able to leave Afghanistan.

    Good, cancel it then.

  3. If we made explicit promises to those who worked for us then we should honour them. With the risks of “burn out” and “work life balance” there are plenty of opportunities the the Foreign Office.

  4. The Afghans have freed themselves from the wicked, white West. Freedom necessarily includes the freedom to go to hell after your own fashion.

    I am quite confident the Afghans are perfectly capable of managing their affairs properly. I’m also sure they won’t bother to do so.

  5. “If we made explicit promises to those who worked for us then we should honour them. ”

    The UK government makes enough explicit promises to its own people it’s supposed to work for it has no intention of honouring. Why should foreigners get a better deal?

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