Had me worried there for a moment

Married NHS A&E doctors to spend Christmas Day rowing across Atlantic
Adam Baker and Charlie Fleury will row 3,000 miles for more than 40 days to raise money for charity

Imagine the horror if unmarried doctors got into a small boat together. Who would be able to chaperone?

BTW, is this the cause of the NHS stress and strain? That they’re all off rowing the Atlantic?

16 thoughts on “Had me worried there for a moment”

  1. Raising money for the NHS apparently. It’s supposed to be funded via taxation, which it is, handsomely. The only reason it struggles for funding is because it is run by spendthrift incompetents. They would do it more service if they had stayed home and gone to work providing healthcare instead of self-publicising, inane stunts like this.

  2. They would do it more service if they had stayed home and gone to work providing healthcare

    They could do it (and us!) even more service if they stayed here and injected all the cheerleading politicians with experimental, untrialled and unapproved drugs. Daily.

    Merry Christmas to OGH and all here!

  3. Second BiW. Including the Merry Xmas to Tim & the usual suspects.
    We’re having a traditional English Christmas here. It’s pissing down.

  4. Just back in after delivering Christmas boxes to the outside staff. May I and Lady Jackfield take the pleasure of wishing a Merry Christmas to our host and the happy bunch who subscribe to the comments.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS one and all.

  5. They aren’t doing it for charity. That’s merely an excuse to do what they always wanted to do but without honesty. These are the sort of people who complain of our “throw-away society” and then make a boat that will cost a fortune and be thrown away when they are finished. The whole exercise is a massive waste of money all round. Even if “charity” gets some, it won’t be 50 cents in the dollar spent.

    They could work for a year and donate their money to charity instead. That would be much more efficient.

    The next time I take a year off to tour Europe, I think I might say I’m doing for charity. See if anyone else is daft enough to fund me. It’s more or less the same thing, in practice, just taking trains to see interesting things is “consumerism” whereas rowing across the Atlantic is deemed virtuous.

  6. @Chester. Indeed. Virtue-signalling on steroids. And people fall for it. It’s a bit like the slebs who generously give their time for free for some idiotic yetanotherthon and expect us to stump up the money for charidee. Arseholes, the lot of ’em.

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