How does this work then?

My Husband’s Girlfriend Is One Of My Best Friends. Here’s How Our Family Works.

OK, modern family and all that. Hey, their lives.

It’s this bit:

When I met my spouse ― a queer, nonbinary person with a disability ― eight years ago

He had three kids by this point. These two then married, had another. And he’s added the girlfriend to the roster. Again, their lives and all that.

It’s just describing a male shagging two birds, with four kids, as queer and non-binary seems to be stretching those terms somewhat. Sounds very ci- het- and, umm, male actually.

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  1. Allthegoodnamesaretaken

    And this bit: Throughout the last year, Elizabeth has become a part of our family and I consider her like a sister. Like my husband and me, she is also queer with a disability, and she understands who we are as a family and what our lives are like.

    I feel sorry for the kids.

  2. I think HuffPo, The Guardian and the rest just have a quota to reach for readership, so they manufacture these bullshit stories, even include fake comments (“Good for Katie,” “Polyamory can work”) to get single dog moms to click on the headline and stay on the page more than two seconds.

    Headline: “Here’s Why I Ate a Baby, and Why You Should Too”


    “Wow, so brave to be telling your story”
    “If only our society could be more understanding of these ppl”
    “To all the haters in the comments, you’re part of the problem. Probably a Trumper.”

    There, just got you 500 shares and a shit ton of advertising revenue.

  3. Dhehrj: I quite often wonder now: does the Guardian actually realise it’s a *BRITISH* newspaper, competing for BRITISH readers in BRITAIN?

  4. Allthegoodnamesaretaken

    I suspect the pool of eligible men for spastics with mental health issues is a very shallow one so they have to share him

  5. The link to Spud’s web site includes several comments mentioning Dunning-Kruger, to which the P³ responds “I agree”. I’m not sure if he’s too thick to understand what it is or too arrogant to realise how deeply it applies to him.

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