I always love how personal all this is

Millions of women could be leaving the workforce after the menopause left them feeling they have “lost their marbles”, Davina McCall has warned.

The television presenter, fitness instructor and campaigner said that the effect of the menopause on women could be a “drain” on the economy.

“If you could get back to feeling yourself, there is a really high chance that you will stay in your job – because most of us really enjoy our jobs,” she said, in an interview about using her public position to advocate for menopausal women.

It’s always 20 year old women shouting about getting laid and abortions, 30-ish talking about ticking clocks, 50 ish shrieking about the menopause. Not that I’m a sexist or anything, heaven forfend, but it never does seem to be the 20 years olds shouting about the menopause and the 50 ish the sex. It’s almost as if abstract concepts, or even average life courses, don’t register. Everything has to be related entirely to the personal.

Dunno really, if we’ve some grouping out there that just cannot raise their vision beyond the end of their noses should we really consider allowing them to vote?

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  1. A couple of days ago I was reading an academic paper on shifts in journalism. 20+ years ago “quality” journalism was about facts: “A, B, and C happened, X dead, Y injured, impact liable to be Z”. Nowadays it’s about the feels: “A, B, and C happened, this is how I feel about it and how you should feel”.

  2. “Dunno really, if we’ve some grouping out there that just cannot raise their vision beyond the end of their noses should we really consider allowing them to vote?”

    Well, no. Women are much more “in the moment” about everything. Like they will cheerfully write on Facebook about how green they are reusing carrier bags, then the next week, they’re flying off to go diving in the Red Sea. It’s the same with politics. Women will protest about the hospital closing, rather than checking what a particular party is going to do about health 3 years earlier.

  3. Women are over represented in what Tim Congdon calls negative value jobs. (HR, environmental audit, diversity, etc.) So leaving at 50 could be a boost.

  4. Obviously I’m an unreformed male but I thought I understood that for women post-menopause life was so much better. No more monthly fluxes with their attendant pre- and post-tribulations; no worries that the occasional shag will result in a pregnancy, hormones settled down and so on. Sure the actual menopausal phase, a few years of reverse adolescence, can be a bit of a bummer, but what’s not to like about being about being post-menopausal? Freedom to indulge in the love of cats, knitting, whatever and fucking without fear.

    But then, I’m just a man…

  5. Following on from asiaseen, surely the menstral years are the abberation, postmenapausally you settle down to exactly the same as what the other 50% of the population have lived their entire lives.

  6. The “could” in the quote is doing a lot of lifting.

    In my world menopausal women tend to be going back to work, rather than leaving it.

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