I can believe this but I don’

Royal lifespans found to be longer than those of normal mortals
For every 100-year-old royal, the average person could expect to live to an age of 74 years

Well, yes, richer folk do tend to live longer. So can believe this. But sample size, sample size. The measurement is from George V onwards. Which is a pretty damn small sample to be trying to base a conclusion like this on.

At least try to measure all royalty over the past few generations, right? The Tsar etc will being the average down a tad…..

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  1. Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that monarchs get immediate medical attention for the slightest sniffle whereas those of us using the NHS end up queueing for GP appointments to get a referral to a specialist who’s already got a four year waiting list.

  2. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    What the thundering blazes does the subheading actually mean?

    Even the daily coronavirus propaganda is more accurate, comprehensible, and credible than this.

  3. Of course, George V was basically murdered by his doctor so it could be announced in The Times, rather than “less appropriate…evening journals”.

  4. “Royal lifespans found to be longer than those of normal mortals”
    Anyone told Lady Jane Grey?

    Or Henry VIII’s spouses…

    Or more recently, I’m pretty sure I heard that Princess Di didn’t expire at a ripe old age.
    Or accidentally shot while hunting, or stomach burst after overeating fish (Where was the pathologist then?)

    So neither those crowned, nor those married to them seem any safer.

    Just a demonstration of selection criteria: Long-lived monarchs tend to be long-lived. And we funded that!!??

  5. “For every 100-year-old Royal…”

    Which are they? I can only think of two – The Queen Mother and Princes Alice, Duchess of Gloucester.

    A vanishingly small sample to hang such a sweeping and grandiose statement on.

    Naturally, access to the best medicine may mean that someone lives longer, but you have to have decent health in the first place to get to 100.

  6. There was an Oxford academic (maybe John Plamenatz?) who amused himself by testing the efficacy of Anglican prayer. He looked at the lifespans of British monarchs since the adoption of the BCP and it’s prayer for the health and long life of the current King or Queen. He found, surprisingly, that on average they lived no longer than un-prayed for mortals.

  7. My wife’s mother’s family all far outlived my father’s family. Her mob grew up in poverty; my father’s lot were prosperous.

    So that proves that prosperity shortens your life and poverty lengthens it. QED.

  8. We all know Brenda is hanging on because she knows her son will not bow down gracefully, and her grandson isn’t ready yet to pick up the pieces her son will leave in his wake.

  9. You mean the people who have had a doctor and full medical support on tap for literally their whole lives might be able to eke out a few more years than the proles?

  10. The Royals have access to remedies beyond those allowed by NICE. I daresay they’d get Ivermectin at the first sign of a sniffle and probably have been supplementing with vitamins and zinc all along.

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