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I is amused

So, an email from somewhere out there in the ether:

My client needing backlinks urgently. So sir, I requesting that you give me a do follow, permanent backlink on your blog. When you are done, please sending me email to confirming. Here is my client website:

blah blah

Plz also creating a 5 star GMB and Trust Pilot reviewings too.

If I do not seeing a backlink in one week, I am create million toxic blog comment spam and redirect backlink to and you can saying goodbye to your Google rankings for 1 year or more.

The source of this is a small and new company in a country where I write a newspaper column. And my buddy in that country is already making contact with those folks. That part is just random fun, for who could know that someone you spam does write a newspaper column from 8k miles away?

Even then it does strike as perhaps not the best way to be conducting business…..

9 thoughts on “I is amused”

  1. “I am create million toxic blog comment spam”

    Given the principle that an infinite number of monkey’s randomly bashing typewriters will eventually churn out the complete works of Shakespeare, a million of his toxic blog comment spams still might not be enough to get one comprehensible comment.

  2. Maybe not so random? Someone in business in a country in which you have a column dealing with business and economics.

  3. is already making contact with those folks

    I would hope this contact is intensely painful, bloody, and results in more than a few dead bodies. Knowing who these people are provides a rare opportunity to strike back in the only way that’s meaningful to them.

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