Ignorant damn twats

North Sea gas producers could face a windfall tax on the near-record profits they are likely to make from booming prices, in an effort to help protect households from the soaring costs of the energy crisis.

You’ve something in short supply. So now you’re going to tax those who supply it more? Oh yes, that builds the incentives to produce more, doesn’t it?

17 thoughts on “Ignorant damn twats”

  1. Indeed. How making soaring costs soar even more will reduce soaring costs is something I really don’t understand.

  2. How does the government getting a bigger slice of a bigger bill that a household is paying, help the household?

  3. Isnt this like Smith’s virtuous circle ?

    Govt creates conditions for scarcity, producers put up prices, govt taxes producers.

    That roundabout vould run forever like perpetuum mobilie

  4. Is this the last throw of the dice for the 5th columnists in the Civil Service? Since North Sea producers can’t produce enough gas, tax them and increase our reliance on good old MrP in Russia?

  5. Ottokring,
    Same logic was applied to London’s congestion charge. The original charge worked, traffic fell, congestion was reduced. So TfL converted a bunch of trunk road lanes into cycle lanes, congestion rose again, and this justified hiking the congestion charge.

  6. @ Diogenes

    How many extra columns are there in the civil service? I am quite sure the must be at least ten extra columns working for the interests of their sponsors.

  7. Given taxes are a % of profits, don’t they already tax windfalls pretty effectively? I certainly find if I have a good year on the farm that my tax bill goes up to compensate.

  8. “Govt creates conditions for scarcity”

    Exactly – the government (or rather Carrie Johnson) is determined to press on with the absurd “Net Zero” agenda. Making gas & oil scarce is perfectly sensible…

  9. Anybody remember when the Conservatives (lol) were going to let them exploit the trillions of cubic feet of cheap, abundant, clean shale gas we have here in the UK, creating countless direct and spin-off jobs as a result of all the lovely low-cost energy it’d produce, eliminating our dependence on volatile international markets, and dramatically improving the lives of the poorest in society by measurably cutting the cost of living in only a few short years?

    Steve remembers.

  10. @Steve

    You’re not the only one.

    All that gas is still there. Unfortunately, as long as these infantilized ideologues are dictating, it’s difficult to see how some sort of crash can be avoided. The sooner this happens, the better.

    At least the development of small modular reactors has funding and these absolutely will be needed in 10 years or so (when they’ll be ready). Fracking will hopefully begin as well. How can it not?

  11. The infrastructure (pipelines, compression stations, etc) is tired. Two decades (or more) of hostility to O&G has discouraged investment even in maintainance. In the 80s a new field could be plugged into the network, today a new field probably needs its own transport links. The investment case is therefore harder to make.

  12. How can it not?

    Very easy if you are middle class Marxist scum just oozing with greenfreak plans to sink plebs lower than whaleshit.

  13. Having zero energy will impact poor people faster than middle class Tarquins and Jocastas, but will the T&Js realise their folly before the poor rise up? Britain has a history of preventing revolution by those in power realising their own stupidity and allowing better conditions to develop for the masses, but I see no sign of this happening currently.

  14. Maybe if we can get BoJo out (and Princess Nut Nut) and get a proper Tory into number 10 via the 1922 Committee we can finally start ignoring the greenwashers, genuinely take advantage of BRExit and start tapping that shale gas to get the price of heating down.

    I remember Labour exploiting the “poor old biddies choosing between heating and eating” last time around. Better to get a snip on that before it gets started.

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