It’s the insane levels of narcisism that so grate

That’s not because bi+ women dating men are less queer than those who aren’t/don’t, but because it can be more difficult to navigate patriarchal gender roles and heteronormative relationship ideals within different-gender relationships. Debora Hayes, a bi person who presents as a woman, tells me, “Gender roles are very bothersome in relationships with cis hetero men. I feel pigeonholed and limited as a person.”

Jesus Honey, you’re looking to get laid. It’s really not that difficult an activity……

14 thoughts on “It’s the insane levels of narcisism that so grate”

  1. “I’m currently in a four-year monogamous relationship with a cishet man and he definitely respects me and doesn’t expect me to fulfil some traditional gender role.”

    I think you’ve pulled a beta male…

  2. I call bullshit. A woman feeling “limited” by a “cis-het” male who isn’t an abusive alcoholic?

    Lady, I’ve literally lost friends because their new wives don’t let them socialize with anyone else. And these men allow that level of control because they grew up without a father and have attachment issues.

    I know, I know, gender roles and fashion magazines and societal expectations and all that noise. I can’t begin to imagine the stranglehold those forces have on you.

  3. “It’s really not that difficult an activity……”

    It is when you consider the impossible and contradictory standards these “ladies” seem to wish to inflict upon themselves.
    “I can’t find a decent partner” is a self-fulfilling prophecy when you’re that picky and deluded.

  4. I do feel genuinely sorry for these people. They have taken minor neuroses and expanded and twisted them to such an extent they have disappeared up their arseholes.

    I think what this shows is that too much social freedom is bad for a lot of people, they can’t cope with it. What these people really need is a social strait-jacket of rules to live with, but they have been born into a society that has been on a tear for the last 70 years to rip up social structures and replace them with anything goes. Some people can cope with that freedom, many (most?) cannot, and some end up like this. People so hung up on tiny issues that they can no longer function as human beings.

  5. Anyone talking about “presenting as” Cis/ Cishet and gender are to be avoided like sunshine for a vampire. These freaks are totally fucked in the head. hopefully they won’t breed.

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