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It is staggering how little people know about the UK economy
The research appears to be entirely genuine. What is staggering is the scale of ignorance that it reveals. People are quite simply clueless as to what the government spends its money on.
The question is, how to address this?

I’ll vote for hiring a better class of economics professor. Even, restricting the job to those who have evidence of having a fucking clue.

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  1. “a fucking clue” provokes an unsettling thought. Does the demented fool have any offspring? Might there be apprentice tatties about?

  2. While not disagreeing with your solution, I would also point out that the Gov has a vested interest in obfuscating as much as possible how it pisses our money away.

    If the peeps had any idea how much is handed to welfare parasites, and how much spent on 4-star hotels for criminal migrants and other undeserving causes, what percentage of “NHS” is actually spent on Hospitals, eqiuipment and medical staff, and how much on management diversity awareness courses and welnnes counsellors(…120 mins of rant…and I’m sick and tired of this office) we might elect a different bunch to snort in the Westminster lavs.

    And how could the Gov allow that?

  3. I must confess if someone in the local pub came up to me and started either inquiring of me about or lecturing me on ‘the percentage of UK government expenditure being allocated’ I’m not sure I’d be eager to spend too much time in their company. Maybe that’s partly why he was barred by ‘Pubwatch’ in Downham Market!

    But as to his contention- he seems to have a real bee in his bonnet around pensions/ benefits. Has he got a set of figures that, as per his prior posts, views pension allowances and ISAs as actual government expenditure? Or is he planning a clampdown on benefits?

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