Weird to see this sorta thing from the Telegraph:

It’s a somewhat simplistic argument but nonetheless compelling. Activists are disruptive, often destabilising forces, but is it a stretch, as Philips-Davies seems to be suggesting, that in their pursuit of short-term profits, the national interest is at risk?

This is about SSE. This sorta nationalist stuff we rather expect from the national socialists like the Bennites etc. But the Telegraph?

Suppose there always has been a Tory strand of it as well but it’s a turnaround from when they used to be free market.

3 thoughts on “Jeez”

  1. A few points:
    SSE boss Allistair Phillips-Davies is a menial who works for the company which is owned by its shareholders. He should shut the fuck up & do what he’s told.
    The share price is the aggregate view of the future profitability of the company. That’s the all & whole of it. If he wants a better share price, make a better case for the future of the company.
    “Coupon clipping” relates to bearer certificates & since the London market has had, with a few exceptions, an absence of bearer issues for about the last century I doubt the prick who used the term has ever seen one or clipped a coupon from one. And bearer issues, by the nature of how they were issued were generally non or limited voting. Learn to speak English.
    Investors do not buy shares in companies with a view to bright sunny environmentally friendly uplands some time in the indefinite future. They do it to gain a return on their investment. Deferring dividends is another word for raising capital from shareholders. Maybe they think, if the company needs an increase in capital it should go to the market & make a case for it.
    Long live investor activists. We need more of them. They keep company managements honest.

  2. I think the Telegraph is a lost cause, an article there yesterday about Pearl Harbour included the line ‘fighter jets armed with torpedoes’

  3. The capture of the Tory party by the ideological free market liberals in the 1980s was an aberration. Protectionism and corporatism are their natural states.

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