Lucky really

I Came Out As Nonbinary and Changed My Name. Then I Changed My Mind.

Lucky that no surgery was involved. Difficult to change again after that.

As to the actual discussion, appears she’s a lesbian woman who occasionally feels a bit butch and puts on trousers. Oh, and she didn’t like it when everyone immediately started to use her new name.


Camille Beredjick

Least we get a fnarr, fnarr out of it.

20 thoughts on “Lucky really”

  1. Don’t butch lesbians usually go into butch professions like lorry driver; not “editorial strategist” (whatever that is)?

  2. “How does it feel on your gender?”

    These people are suffering from a psychosis. Either wear a dress or not. It’s what everyone else does without thinking too much about it. As said above this is all attention seeking behaviour. No one, absolutely no one, cares about this person’s non binary bollocks. Let alone wade through a complete article of drivel discussing it. Yes, I gave up fairly quickly.

  3. The real problem is that full-grown adults don’t understand the difference between fashion preferences and biology.

  4. Having looked at her photo, I can understand why she’s not sure about her gender. I’m not sure, either. If she’s contemplating surgery, I’d recommend some facial & tit job.

  5. WTF does ‘non-binary’ mean anyway? Binary (in electronics & computers) describes two states (on and off), not two options. Perhaps he/she/it uses the term to mean when feeling sexy or not?
    I spent my working life in Electronics. Of course, there’s tri-state (on, off & disconnected/high impedance output) – maybe she’s disconnected? Perhaps that’s the option?

  6. @Ed P
    You must have been one of those Digital blokes. Come over to the dark side of Analog. Where there is Negative Rail, Positive Rail, and all the glorious nonbinary levels in-between.

  7. Isn’t non-binary by its definition claiming there are only 2 prowler recognised genders and so itself should be a hateful term under wokeism

  8. Proper…..though I’m sure a prowler that didn’t target trans would get more jail time for that transphobic hate than their actual crime these days

  9. @Longrider: surely bollocks are binary in two senses? (Usually: I was at school with a guy who had the same number as the late Führer, and another who had three. He was nicknamed Trollock.)

  10. Calling yourself non-binary splits humanity into the categories of binary and non-binary.
    This creates a binary system, thus making you binary again.

  11. Some of the “non-binary” stuff must be caused by people believing in male and female caricatures and then, correctly, realising that they don’t match either.

  12. Thank you Chernyy, barring any late entries I think your comment wins the internets for today. Well done.

  13. Apparently BareDick’s article was a ‘compelling personal story’, because that’s what they ask for after ‘her’ ‘article’…

    “Do you have a compelling personal story you’d like to see published on HuffPost? Find out what we’re looking for here and send us a pitch.”

    Compelling? Amazing how language changes, eh?

    Do these self-involved ‘people’ really exist? Amazing that society hasn’t collapsed around our ears.

    There again…

  14. What strikes me as typical in all of those articles is that all of the Wymen in them rail against a type of femininity only seen in 1950-ish “Perfect Housewife” propaganda and US-ian notions about “high society” Ladylike Behaviour.

    They’re raving against Thradithions that by all rights should be irrelevant to them in this day and age, yet go through extreme vapours loudly denouncing them while still vainly attempting to comply with them, because “propriety”.

    No wonder they’re stark, raving mad…

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