Most diddums, eh?

An overweight detective who took 76 sick days a year has won a payout after her bosses told her to stop drinking “gallons of Coca-Cola” to improve her diet.

Detective Constable Kerry Moth, who said she felt humiliated after being told to take more responsibility over her diet by a higher ranked officer, was awarded £10,000 compensation on Monday.

The government can tell you to stop being a fatty lardbucket, the government can tax you out of being obese and costing the NHS a fortune, but Lord Forbid anyone ever actually says stop being a fatty lardbucket.

Hmm, this might not be quite the right way around in fact. Possibly, even, your boss gets to tell you and the government doesn’t.

16 thoughts on “Most diddums, eh?”

  1. DC Moth, who joined Devon and Cornwall police in 2003, suffers from fibromyalgia.

    Sound the skiver alert and the loony klaxon!!

    She averaged 76 sickies a year over a decade! The public sector is filled with people like this.

  2. I thought you were supposed to have a certain level of physical fitness to be a plod. You know, be able to run a bit as part of the competency standards.

    Once we have the mandatory covid jabs for all though(in the interests of ‘society’ and ‘our NHS’ natch), expect the health nazi’s to limit our consumption of sugar, fats, salt, plus restrict (or tax to the moon)fags and booze. Then they’ll move on to the single mother of 3 who gets pregnant.That can’t be allowed…….

  3. Interesting.. So it’s the fault of the medication, eh? For fibrmyalgia no less..

    Never knew that paracetamol and ibuprofen made you fat… Any of the possible opiates used to “treat” the condition in rare cases are known for having the exact opposite effect, so can’t be that..
    Unless the Envy of the World proscribes something that’s definitely not standard, it can’t be “the medication”.

    Her “but it’s Diet/Zero Cola!!” exhortation is far more indicative of the real reason she’s “overweight” to the point of not being able to take fitness and safety tests..
    But obviously it’s not legally allowed to say such in the Great of Britain..

  4. One would assume fitness to be necessary to do the job. If so, an annual fitness test would weed out the fatties without the need to criticise officers’ diets.

  5. Would love to be a fly on the wall when she does her annual fitness test, if they still do them these days, followed by a medical assessment of her fitness (no pun intended) to do her job.

  6. Given the range of disabilities she has which prevent her from quite a few practical activities, one wonders how much actual ‘detecting’ DC Moth actually achieves.

  7. Why no picture to accompany the article? I grew up with Richmal Crompton’s stories and thus belong to the decades of small boys that pointed out fat people in the street and laughed. Swiz!

  8. @decnine

    Quite easy to do a lot of detecting as a fattie sitting at a desk, when the majority of police work these days is giving people crime incident numbers over the phone and looking for meanie tweets…

  9. Interesting that she’s a Detective Constable.

    That would make her a Plain Clothes Moth.

    I’ll get me (moth-eaten) coat..

  10. @Addolff

    Sturgeon’s SNPland is planning to increase alcohol price by 30%. This on top of the 150% increase in 2018

    SNPland has the highest drug deaths in europe, expect them and child poverty to increase

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