My word

The first accuser to testify against Ghislaine Maxwell has told jurors she wished she never received five million dollars in sexual abuse compensation from Jeffrey Epstein’s estate.

Won’t that just increase the incentive to complain?

Actually, there’s a significant number out there who would accept that as a very decent price to be shagged let alone complain.

12 thoughts on “My word”

  1. A whore is likely to be a complainer anyway. Anyone who pays large amounts for sex is going to get a lot of complainers, liars, and opportunists.

  2. BiW. As with all these ‘ladies’, I am certain there will definitely have been a said or unsaid quid pro quo.

  3. US abandons hundreds of westernized young Afgan women to taliban to rape, torture and kill – crickets. Ghislaine Maxwell invites girls (none of whom seem to be suffering any ill effects of their “ordeal”) to a party – crime of the century.

  4. Epstein was passing these girls around before they reached the age of consent. That means they couldn’t consent at any price.

    Slow handclaps for all of you sticking up for child rape to own the libs.

  5. Yes, well done. The bird suing P Andrew was 17 at the time of the alleged offences. Which is a year above the age of consent in UK where most of us are from. We’re rather less taken by the he was exploiting children argument.

  6. In other news, a 14 year old was flown on private jets & met famous people so frequently she couldn’t accurately recall which musical she’d attended. Perfectly understandable. Just like any other 14 y/o American schoolgirl. Life’s just so busy when you’re that age.

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