No Love, it isn’t

The HIV epidemic is driven by stigma and inequality.

It’s driven by fucking and drugs.

Both entirely human things, things that are going to happen. Yes, it’s all a problem and things do need to be done. But you can only solve a problem if you identify the correct causes. Pulling down statues of slavers and reinstating the £20 UC uplift aren’t going to solve a problem caused by fucking and drugs now, are they?

14 thoughts on “No Love, it isn’t”

  1. I have sex with my wife pleasingly often. Yet I am at zero risk of HIV.

    My mate takes recreational drugs, yet is also at zero risk of HIV.

    It’s promiscuous fucking, without taking reasonable precautions, and serious drug use that means it doesn’t die out.

  2. We can narrow it down even further and say that i travenous drug use with contaminated needles is/was a big driver.

    Is there a stigma with cervical cancer which is also a STD ?

  3. Reading the article, it’s homosexuals, Africans, trannies and illegal immigrants who are the most likely to be infected; naturally this is the fault of White heterosexuals, so therefore Ms Gold concludes that English people must be forced to give Ms Gold’s organisation more of their money.

    I think my solution would be somewhat different from Ms Gold’s.

  4. The moral of the story is that illegal immigrants should not do drugs or bum anyone while awaiting sure and certain deportation. They probably wouldn’t want to be treated for AIDS back in their home countries.

  5. Talking to the scum of socialism is pointless–even to the extent of reading out the charges mere seconds before their execution. Should some formality fetish so sieze you or should you love the sound of your own voice that much.

    Finger-wagging at liars and scum is of zero use. Death preceded by heads split open and testicles stamped into the pavement are your tools of persuasion.

    Mostly death in fact. Remember their plans for you and yours and what they have done wherever they have gained the power.

  6. When will they make AIDS compulsory?

    (There are people who fear they already have – that The Jab may be able to bugger your immune system so that AIDS is effectively what you’ll get. Let us pray that they are wrong.)

  7. Dennis, Not Loretta

    The HIV epidemic is driven by stigma and inequality.

    One point off for forgetting to include racism.

  8. 40 years ago you could have said ‘stigma’ – people not wanting to talk about it made the ignorant vulnerable – not today.

    And rich fuckers have been catching it all along too.

  9. The HIV epidemic is driven by stigma and inequality.

    Given the source of that article, I’m surprised that the cause of the HIV epidemic isn’t Brexit and Thatcher, with a side helping of white supremacy.

  10. AIDS: Caught through personal choice {exc blood transfusion etc)

    More bad news – as predicted

    Establishment Vs Tabloid
    Appeal court rules in favour of Establishment

    First case: Judge said ‘I don’t need to hear MoS evidence, I believe Meghan, Duchess of Woke’

    Will MoS take it to supreme court? ECHR?

  11. Well Tony. I suppose you could put all of those blokes in the first wave and have them lead the assault when the bombardment stops.

    Or don’t they do it that way anymore?

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