Now, isn’t this a surprise?

The study also found that heroin users are much less likely to engage with health services, which meant they are twice as likely to die from chronic health problems such as cancer and heart disease than from an overdose.

Compared with people of the same age in the general population, those who use heroin are three times more likely to die due to cancer, and four times more likely to die from heart disease, with homelessness, poverty and mental health problems being a factor.

Imagine the research that had to go into finding that out.

4 thoughts on “Now, isn’t this a surprise?”

  1. It’s one of those obvious things that would be just as obvious if they had reached the opposite conclusion:

    “Heroin users are much more likely to engage with health services, often trying to blag free methadone from the GP. Their regular visits to A&E with overdose mean other health issues are caught early, so they are three times less likely to die of cancer.”

  2. So the price of your fun is increased risk. This also applies if you jump out of perfectly good aeroplanes, or decide to undertake an entertaining tour through Afghanistan.

    Of course we all love the fun but whinge about the price.

  3. So, if I were to propose an observation that some people, let’s not sub-categorise lower than that, are generally less apt to succeed in the environment in which we find ourselves and that those people don’t fail in just one way but in many, would the acceptance of that observation as a truism mean we would have less of this kind of story in future? No, didn’t think so.

  4. But they need more funding. They still need to find the likelihood of tattoos and listing Insane Clown Posse as one’s favorite band.

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