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Now what is it about the BMJ Chrissy Ed?

The paper is published in the BMJ Christmas Edition.

We take things seriously but light heartedly? Or they’re a joke through and through?

“It’s not rocket science” is a phrase often used by disgruntled bosses to employees failing to do something simple. But its impact hinges on one thing – rocket science being difficult.

According to new research, it isn’t.

17 thoughts on “Now what is it about the BMJ Chrissy Ed?”

  1. If the link is paywalled, it’s only good manners to indicate so. In the UK this is often done by putting a £ character next to the link.

    Not that I’m accusing you of anything, Tim. You have the decency to flag posts that shouldn’t be read by marking them “Ragging on Ritchie.”

  2. It’s the terriblegraph. It’s not really paywalled.

    In fact, clicking on the link supplied doesn’t even need the usual workaround to read the text.

  3. Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory used to take being called a “rocket scientist” as an insult.

    I prefer the term “rocket surgery”.

  4. The TG & the Grauniad versions of this are 75+% identical, so it looks like a press release from the BMJ being used as an article by that well known news reporter Phil Space.

    As for the revelation “aerospace engineers and neurosurgeons vary in their cognitive aptitudes as does the general population”, do these people never meet their fellow human beings socially?

  5. @Southerner: if you feel the need to read Telegraph articles just turn off javascript for that website, then its all available gratis.

  6. There isn’t such a think as rocket science. There is rocket engineering. And it’s a bit more complicated than lighting the blue touch paper and standing back. Just look at how many attempts even expert engineers with lots of experience take to get their new rocket designs into the air and then into space.

  7. I’ve often wondered whether problems arise when a psychologist tries to measure the cognitive performance of people who are probably much cleverer than he is.

  8. SadButMadLad,
    In context, what Jerry meant by rocket science was orbital mechanics, which he said could be calculated by any math student, it didn’t require exceptional brain power. (Except in The Martian, where apparently it did.)

  9. “lamenting the absence of random controlled trials on the efficiency of parachutes”

    100% of respondents replied that their parachutes had been packed correctly.
    We are however, disappointed at the participation rate, since only 5% of trialists bothered to reply.

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