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Omicron is spreading very rapidly in the UK, and there is no reason to think it is more benign than Delta.

Uhn huhn

Then last night that video emerged. I have speculated that this is part of a leadership bid, but suppose that it is something else? Suppose that the anti-vaccine elements in the Tory party, working with Number 10 insiders, decided that this is the moment to work against the interests of the public health of the people of the UK? This they could do by making any new lockdown impossible to enforce. That could be exactly what the timing of the release of this video might be all about.

Never doubt that there are those on the right-wing who would rather people die than promote public health, so distorted is their view of their right to what they think to be liberty, but which is actually their claimed right to impose upon the wellbeing of 0thers.

I’d up the lithium dose mate, you need it.

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  1. “Omicron is spreading very rapidly in the UK, and there is no reason to think it is more benign than Delta.”

    WHO have 40,000 recorded Omicron cases and 0 deaths

    In South Africa, hospital admissions are down 60-70% compared to Delta at the same stage.

    Time spent in hospital averages around 3 days compared to around 8 with Delta.

    No reason at all to think Omicron is more benign than Delta.

  2. there is no reason to think it is more benign than Delta.

    Apart from the South African doctors who say it is, and the sustained falls in hospital admissions and duration of stay in South Africa over the past few weeks, and the WHO who say there’s no reason to believe vaccines will be less effective against it.

    So apart from all that, no reason.

  3. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    I have said this before, but I really, really do think the guy has some mental health challenges; it’s almost like he has manic episodes where he sees great conspiracies in the most innocuous things.

    I think he would be left alone.

  4. The best case is that it’s more infectious, much less deadly, and thereby gives everyone lots of natural immunity against the next ruddy variant. Hurray – no more vaccinations, no boosters, no lockdowns, no masks, and the rest of the idiocy.

    The worst case is that it starts killing children.

    Wait and see – but that would call for not panicking into the dreaded “Plan B” by Mr Jellyspine.

  5. Not sure why Murphy is disregarding the informed opinion of South African doctors and virologists, in others he might describe this as racist…

  6. The very fact that it spreads rapidly is ***BECAUSE*** it is more benign. Do these people not have any brain cells? If a desease if highly deadly it will kill off its host before it’s managed to pass it on, so will spread slowly. To be able to spread fast it needs to keep its host alive for a long time. So, *BY* *DEFINITION* a fast-spreading desiese is less deadly than the same slow-speading desiease, because if it was more deadly, IT WOULDN’T SURVIVE LONG ENOUGH TO SPREAD.

    Covid is turning from flu into the common cold, and the response is to imprison the entire population.

  7. “Hurray – no more vaccinations, no boosters, no lockdowns, no masks, and the rest of the idiocy”

    That wouldn’t go down well with a certain William Gates esq, and his cohorts in the WEF…

  8. @jgh
    A disease could spread very well by making the infected person very infectious for a long time (especially if this period has mild or no symptoms) and then killing them. For something like covid, this could mean a much longer, slower ramp up of symptoms so that those infected keep going about their business spreading it rather than felling bad enough to stay at home. Over the very long term, of course, a disease which kills its hosts will be outcompeted by one that doesn’t – which is why the diseases lumped together as the common cold are so successful.

  9. We get all these sob stories on the Beeb et al that the NHS is under pressure and the staff are really up against it. I have a question: Are people in other countries getting the same sort of day-to-day stories about their own health services being under similar pressure, or are they just getting on with it & under no particular pressure from the virus?

  10. “We get all these sob stories on the Beeb et al that the NHS is under pressure and the staff are really up against it.”

    There was a particularly nasty little bit of propaganda on the BBC website today. The headline was ‘The unvaccinated ask for jabs but its too late’. If you read the article, other than a quote in the first sentence from a random NHS nurse making the headline claim, the entire article wasn’t about covid at all. In fact it showed that the vast majority of people in hospital are there for non-covid issues (even followed the case of a woman who had a heart attack, no mention of course as to why she could possibly have had such a thing after taking a vaccine known to cause blood clots) and basically talked about the non-covid pressures the NHS is under. But had to shoehorn in a bit of unprovable pro-vaccine agitprop first. Utterly shameless.


  11. @TG Yes, even though the absolute numbers in hospital are actually less than a year ago, and especially the ICU cases far less. And even those, under actual scrutiny, mainly the Usual Suspects ( old, immune deficient/under treatment ) to begin with.

    Doesn’t stop the government from pushing their agenda, nor the Media happily encouraging them by happily pounding the panic button whenever they can..

  12. What an odious piece of crap he is. Scared of his own shadow. He even manages to quote Independent SAGE as ‘an authority’ in one reply. The sooner ‘Arthur’s Law’ is in place and lockdowns are outlawed the better.

  13. @Charles, the aim of any virus is not to kill it’s host. If a virus did have a long incubation period before it kills its host, then eventually all humans would die and the virus would die too. So the best virus is one that can infect its host and not cause any issues other than maybe a few minor symptoms

  14. Bloke in North Dorset

    Hmm, this is getting tedious:

    The idea that the NHS is under pressure because of Covid patients is bollocks. I’m getting fed up of pointing this graph out (scroll down, bottom right)

    [go to spectator data page and select nhs]

    When you consider that ‘flu is way down (top left of same page) the NHS should be under less pressure.

  15. Same here we get unvaccinated are clogging up hospital wards etc, when you point out governments own figures show on 2% of hospital beds are Covid patients (and that doesn’t split beteeen admitted for Covid and happened to have or catch Covid after admission for something else) and maybe it’s time to ask politicians why health care system can’t cope with 2% you are of course suddenly a rabid anti-vaxxer who wants everyone to die.
    Similar to our chief medical officer saying vaccines will protect children when there have only be 2 deaths in under 18’s and they were already in hospital with terminal conditions and asking what are we protecting them from elicits same response

  16. PJF – lol

    Brillo says:

    It’s time to punish Britain’s five million vaccine refuseniks: They put us all at risk of more restrictions, says ANDREW NEIL. So why shouldn’t we curb some of their freedoms?

    Can’t really be arsed making fun of the “my condom won’t work unless the missus wears one too” line of Covidlogic anymore, but I’m interested in the curbing freedom bit.

    Molon labia, as some laconic pederast once said.

    Brillo says it’s cool for the government to monitor and get to veto your movements, because it makes him feel SAFER:

    At the restaurant door we were politely asked for our vaccine passports, the QR codes on our smartphones were scanned and we were ushered to our table.

    The check had taken seconds — a very minor inconvenience when a new wave of the coronavirus pandemic is sweeping across the Continent.

    There was a sense of safety in knowing that all the other diners had proved themselves to be fully vaccinated, or had very recently tested negative, or had contracted the virus and recovered.

    The Frogs have lost their testicles, and it’s BEAUTIFUL:

    In France, vaccine scepticism was initially rampant but the week after President Emmanuel Macron announced the vaccine-passport policy, a record 3.7 million people booked to get their jabs.

    Andrew Neil is 72 and wants to forcibly inject children and young people with an unknown quantity of experimental drugs with no long term studies to prove their safety, for a disease they aren’t at any risk from, so he can keep popping Viagra and stuffing coq au vin into his mahogany face in the South of France.

    Dr Shipman tried to warn us.

  17. Steve: That sounds like a scene from the film Brazil. “We showed our proof that we were members of the elite and were ushered in away from the plebs.”

  18. I think it’s the “we were politely asked” which does it for me.

    As any Jew can tell you, there’s all the difference in the world between “Papieren!” and “Papieren bitte!” when demanding state-mandated documentation.

    And the florid Andrew Neil also informs us that the real problem with paper-based Nazi check-points was how time-consuming and inefficient they were. A computerised solution does away with all these objections, leaving Neil entirely satisfied.

    Whilst Thatcher’s worst crime was to be a ‘milk-snatcher’, Johnson’s policy of forcibly injecting children – inevitably leading to a number of unnecessary deaths – makes him a child murderer plain and simple.

    My own Plan B call for Johnson and all parliamentary co-conspirators to be flung into Spandau Prison with the ghost of Rudolf Hess for 50 years.

  19. Bloke in North Dorset

    For some reason my search for this story didn’t find any links to the BBC or Guardian. Obviously it didn’t happen/

    An outbreak of the Omicron COVID variant at a Christmas party in Norway was the biggest outside of South Africa, with more than 60 people possibly infected, officials have said.

    At least 13 people who attended the “super spreader event” in Oslo on 26 November have already been found to have the new strain, authorities said on Friday.

    The outbreak took place at a Christmas party organised by renewable energy company Scatec, which has operations in South Africa where the variant was first detected.

    The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has said there may be a chance current vaccines will be less effective against the strain.

    At least 17 people who came down with Covid-19 after a Christmas party gathering over 100 guests in the restaurant on November 26, 2021 are suspected of having the Omicron variant, city officials said on December 3, 2021. The number is likely to grow as sequencing is carried out on other positive tests from party-goers.

    Preben Aavitsland, a senior physician at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, said: “This party has been a super spreader event.

    “Our working hypothesis is that at least half of the 120 participants were infected with the Omicron variant during the party.

    “This makes this, for now, the largest Omicron outbreak outside South Africa.”

    Aside from the people infected at the party, two people living on the country’s west coast and two people in quarantine at Oslo airport have been confirmed to carry the Omicron variant.

    The first person in Oslo confirmed as infected had attended the party, where at least one employee had just returned from South Africa.

    All the attendees were fully vaccinated and had tested negative before the event.

    “Health authorities have confirmed a further 12 cases of Omicron in Oslo after an outbreak,” the city of Oslo said in a statement.

    “So far 13 Omicron cases have been confirmed after sequencing. More cases are expected.”

  20. Charles: diseases can mutate, but they can’t become entirely different diseases.

    Covid is a cold, albeit a particularly deadly one. It can’t suddenly become a disease with a long incubation period. It will always have cold related symptoms, because it’s a cold.

    There’s a thousand diseases out there that might be mutating in the way you speak of. Kuru, HPV. TB. HIV. Why focus on Covid?

  21. Just seen on Nigerian TV, data from Nigeria Centre for Disease Control yesterday:
    754 cases of covid. ONE death. 1.5% vaxxed.
    Population of Nigeria 212 million.

    I knew something was up when I saw two weeks ago, that only 6% of Africa was vaxxed but covid was incredibly low. The expert scientists couldn’t explain it.
    Two days later Omicron burst onto the scene.

    There are no such things as coincidences…..

  22. Steve @ 11.10.

    Saw the dialogue between Julia HB and Neil, where Neil lauds France for having fewer cases than the UK and tells us it is all down to vaxxes, mandatory masks, lots of restrictions and mandatory vax passports and says the UK should follow suit.

    France tests = 4.5 million.
    UK tests = 7.6 million.
    France last 7 days = 289,011 cases.
    UK last 7 days = 336783 cases.
    France cases per million = 0.06
    UK cases per million = 0.04.

    The man is a moron. (also, a fat c*nt, as others have noted).

  23. Bloke in North Dorset


    Citing cases is the trick of charlatans. I prefer to go to Our World in Data and look at share of positive tests.

    France:6.4% and rising.
    UK: 4.4% and flat.
    Germany: 21% and fallen slightly.

    Another good metric to look at ICU patients per million. Looking at the area under the curves I really don’t believe France’s deaths are lower than ours, unless they developed some better treatments they aren’t telling us about.

  24. If it’s about “wellbeing” why aren’t they treating people who catch the damned thing instead of telling them to stay at home and only bother the sacred NHS unless they’re already at death’s door?

    “Bolivian government added IVM to its guidelines for treating coronavirus infections in May 2020”; “DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: IVM is used widely both for prophylaxis and for treatment of COVID-19.”; “EL SALAVDOR: Government sanctioned protocol includes IVM”; “FRANCE: IVM generally available for COVID-19”; “GUATEMALA: Some municipalities are providing free Covid Kits to those who are sick. The kits include IVM and other items.”; “HONDURAS: Government approved protocol includes IVM and HCQ”; “INDIA: Much of India has IVM available as a first line of treatment for COVID-19”… the list goes on. There are only two British doctors on it.

  25. BiND.
    The info posted I’ve taken from an Excel. It does show “positivity rate” at 6.4053. Perhaps that is the 6.4% you cite.

  26. @Tractor Gent 7:46PM
    The only medical facilities under pressure here in the US are in the northeastern states. They have started calling out the National Guard to assist. Of course these are the heavy lockdown states. Where they fired all the medical staff who refused to get the jab. [Insert double facepalm and headdesk]

  27. Bloke in North Dorset


    Yes. The point I was trying to make, rather badly, was that OWiD do the work for you and you can easily switch between metrics and countries.

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