One of those little known things

If you’re of Ladino heritage then they’ve give you a passport here:

Roman Abramovich, the billionaire Chelsea owner, has become a Portuguese citizen after discovering his ancestors were among Jews persecuted in the country. The 55-year-old Russian, who attended a match at Stamford Bridge last month for the first time in three years, now has three passports, having also previously taken Israeli citizenship.

Well, of Portuguese Ladino of course. Bit of a surprise to find an Ashkenazi claiming it but there we go.

2 thoughts on “One of those little known things”

  1. Chaps of a sceptical disposition will perhaps wonder whether the Portuguese have introduced a cunning stunt that may give them some more citizens of a stoutly anti-Islamic bent. Conceivably even a citizen or two with some influence in the Congress of the USA?

  2. I should add: I am heartily sick of all the hand-wringing and apologising for past government policies that infest the West. I exempt the Portuguese from this contempt because they have not indulged in mere self-abasement combined with virtue-signalling: they have actually done something. Wise or not at least it’s action.

    P.S. What if old Abramovich eventually finds himself subject to Portuguese taxation i.e. what if the Lusitanian Republic were to go full US-Nazi on the subject of overseas income?

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