Proof that pronouns don’t matter

A Kill the Bill rioter has been jailed for 14 years despite claiming his new gender neutral “they” pronoun would make prison life difficult.


The only alternative possibility is that the claim of the pronoun was just some tosser trying it on. And we know that never, ever, happens, right?

10 thoughts on “Proof that pronouns don’t matter”

  1. He may indeed be a piece of commie shite but his actual crimes aren’t worth 14 months never mind 14 YEARS. He could have done all that at a pub on a Saturday night and not even got jail. The chump is being rousted for standing up to the states attack on us all. Probably he doesn’t see it that way but that is the truth. So you are gloating about your time in Jug to come.

  2. I agree with Ecks. The length of sentence is way out of proportion to the crime. It’s not like the police inside the van were trapped or anything. Just the state retaliating against the fact that the police were attacked and they are upping the anti by protecting the thugs in blue.

  3. @ SadButMadLad
    So you think that the police should not be protected by the laws against assault?
    “First they came for the Jews …”

  4. The judicial system is obviously unbiased, so their arbitrary dismissal of trans pronoun rights have absolutely nothing to do with the defendant’s politics.

    I mean, in what kind of world would that ever happen?

  5. John77, police should only be protected to the same level as the rest of the public. The police are the public and the public are the police according to Robert Peel. The police are not above the law, nor should they have special rights and privileges other than that that allows them to do certain actions such as arrest for a crime, stop violence, etc. Same with politicians, they should not have special rights and privileges.

  6. Didn’t read the article.
    Probably shouldn’t be on prison, agreed.
    Was just commenting on the aspect of the ridiculous pronoun claims.

  7. Voted for Jo Not Joe

    I still don’t understand the pronoun thing. I’m supposed to list my pronouns after my signature? Why? Generally pronouns are used when I’m not around. In that case, as the old joke goes, call me anything you want except late for dinner.

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