Quick, quick, more solar panels!

This month is set to be the dullest December in 65 years.

There were just 26.6 hours of sunshine across the country this month, figures from the Met Office show, putting Britain on course for the greyest festive period since 1956.

After all, that’s what the greenies do say, isn’t it? If there’s no wind then build more windmills…..

7 thoughts on “Quick, quick, more solar panels!”

  1. instead of using waste to make “sustainable” jet fuel, why not just burn it at night next to some solar panels?

    Bowl shatteringly stupid and unworkable I know, but couch it in slightly different language (sorry, in the completely demented gibberish that is “green” speak), put it on powerpoint and I suspect there would be a reasonable chance of getting a “research grant”.

    Perfectly economic with the right “incentives” too

  2. Sam, of course they are our fault…… It is all our fault (even though the sun might have something to do with it).

    Also, as all climate models are incapable of modelling the impact of clouds, they are all junk, but as the man said, “all models are wrong…..but some are useful”.

  3. “Why not just burn it at night next to some solar panels?”

    Or better still, what the Spanish did (until they were rumbled) – burn it in diesel generators during darkness, and claim the solar subsidies. At least that would provide a reliable supply of ‘leccy (and some much needed frequency stability).

  4. Dave. A pleasure to see a simple, sensible, cheap and direct solution to the climate problem. It really gives me hope that we’ll get through this yet!!!!

  5. It seems people don’t understand the aims of the Climate Change loonies… the aim is to make us use less electricity = less consumption = less production = less use of ‘Earth’s’ resources = Planet devoid of Humans = Earth purified.

  6. @Dave Ward

    As far as I’m aware that is done here. In 2015 I believe there were 1.5GW of diesel gensets used as “backup” (i.e. the actual source of power for much of the time) for “renewables”. I believe you can get grants for such things (as long as it’s couched in the correct terms of course). Must be more than 1.5GW by now.

    But if there are more clouds isn’t that good? That is were all the data is stored isn’t it?

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