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Geoff Norcott
On top of everything, Australia have been humble & self-deprecating.
What utter bastards.

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  1. Well, this Aussie isn’t going to be humble about it. International debut bowler (32 years old) gets 6 wickets for 7 runs from 4 overs. Not sure whether that says he’s really good and been overlooked for a long time or that the English team are just that bad

  2. Tweet of the Day:

    Neil Oliver, @thecoastguy, 4:19 pm · 28 Dec 2021

    Richard Murphy · 27 Dec
    So, no new Covid restrictions in England. At long last they have what they always wanted. The virus is running riot. The bodies will pile high. The NHS will fail. And then they will seek to privatise the heath service. The far-right dream of crashing society is in progress.


  3. No doubt you’ve all noticed what a humble and self-deprecating type I am.

    But you don’t all have to cheer at once!!!

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