Sexual assault is sexual assault indeed and yet

The second woman, who the Hollywood Reporter called “Lily,” was a waitress in a New York nightclub.

She claimed that in 2015 she was “truly star-struck” when Noth asked her out for dinner at the same restaurant where the character Carrie Bradshaw held her 30th birthday in “Sex and the City”.

At the time she was 25 and Noth was 60.

After the restaurant closed she agreed to go back to his apartment to drink some whiskey, she said.

Lily told the Hollywood Reporter she thought they were “going to drink whiskey and talk about his acting career”.

She claimed Noth then sexually assaulted her in the apartment and she felt “totally violated”.

She said: “All of my dreams with this star I loved for years were gone.”

Chat about acting. Right.

I suppose it’s modern language. Used to be codewords for this – coffee, etchings – which were understood. Perhaps whiskey doesn’t cut it?

4 thoughts on “Sexual assault is sexual assault indeed and yet”

  1. “I was a star-struck mug who now realises that I allowed an old bloke to do stuff to me just because he was famous, but now I realise there was nothing special about him. Oh, and I might get some compo…”

  2. Bit like the “disappeared” Chinese tennis player. Propositioned by a Party big-wig in the morning, says no but then goes to his house that evening for dinner and fucks him. Continues the affair and then claims abuse when she’s dumped.

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