Shoot them all, now, start all over again

This particular generation of young ‘uns seems to be done. Slice ’em out and start all over again:

Students unhappy with the Cambridge college’s “wokest of the woke” direction then told this newspaper of another row in which their peers complained that a matriculation photographer “made them feel unsafe” by asking “gentlemen to help the ladies” dismount a raised platform in ceremonial gowns.

That’s the graduating class at one of the finest universities in the world.

Nope, failed, scour the Earth and start again.

8 thoughts on “Shoot them all, now, start all over again”

  1. I had been going to remember my old college in my will; but they’ve been cut out now, because of this woke-shite; and not just amongst the undergraduates. The college newsletters show that the dons are as bad if not worse.

  2. “That’s the graduating class …”; nope it’s the matriculating class. So they’d already been indoctrinated at wherever they did their first degrees.

    It’s still inexcusable of Wolfson to allow this Nazi stuff to flourish. The Wolfson family should ask for their money back.

  3. I’ve been watching the people wandering around my local uni going to graduation does, and almost universally the women* are hobbled and would definitely need a helping hand down from any raised surface.

    *Opps, sorry, ermm, hobbling-wearers?

  4. How the hell can helping someone make step off a raised platform be unsafe? Who complained – males, females, both?

    Simple solution: strip all complainers of degree for bringing Uni into disrepute

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