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Adam Scorer, chief executive of National Energy Action, the fuel poverty charity, said: “Government needs to provide immediate financial assistance to those on the lowest incomes, require a below market-rate,

Who carries the loss then?

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    The first thing we need to do is allow markets to set rates, then we can decide if some people need support and if they do support them with extra cash.

    Subsidising prices never ends well.

  2. But it would have been a much harder proposal to sell if Adam Scorer had said “Ordinary people need to fund provision of immediate financial assistance to those on the lowest incomes…”

    The question in my mind is whether Adam Scorer realises where “Government Money” comes from, or chooses to ignore an uncomfortable truth.

  3. He obviously understands duck all about the energy market.
    The poorest people need help getting affordable energy. The best way to help them get affordable energy is for the government to just duck off, Get rid of pointless green crap, get more power stations built and frack, baby, frack.
    This will bring energy prices down.

    Or we can just admit that some people want to sacrifice the poor on the alter of Gaia.

  4. It has been government policy, endorsed by Parliament with large majorities, to abandon cheap and reliable energy and trust to expensive and unreliable energy.
    The solution is to reverse that policy.
    Bearing in mind that neither the Chinese nor the Indians are giving up on cheap reliable energy, the alleged harm from CO2 will happen regardless of whether we freeze or not.

  5. Chernyy Drakkon

    Absolutely spot on – I probably need to stay off Twitter for a while but the imbeciles who complain about poor people being unable to afford heating while simultaneously pushing the ‘Net Zero’ agenda which is directly responsible for this state of affairs really are beyond redemption

  6. Net Zero is the Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament of our times. Its the same people pushing each, people who hate their fellow countrymen and seek them harm.

  7. Stop the Green Crap

    The message to the PM is quite simple, but Nut-Nuts won’t allow it. For as long as we havve a PM who’s led by the balls, gimping an eco-loon, we are not going to have any improvement.

    On the upside, by the 3rd day of the National Grid collapse power cuts, there won’t be anyone still admitting to being an eco-loon. Does No.10 have a rooftop helipad?

  8. British politicians want two contradictory things
    a) Energy to be more expensive so we use less of it
    b) Energy to be affordable so poor people can heat their homes.
    Now both could be described as good things – but they are contradictory.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    Net Zero is the Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament of our times. Its the same people pushing each, people who hate their fellow countrymen and seek them harm.
    Another reason for removing the caps and letting the market decide the price is that those middle class wankers need to feel the pain of their policies and people need to know sooner rather than later what net zero means.

  10. “Who carries the loss then?”

    We’ll just tax the rich, they can afford it.

    (Until they can’t, then we’ll tax the poor.)

  11. Off topic but

    “A record 119,789 new Covid infections were reported on Thursday.”

    Weren’t these supposed to be doubling every 2 or 3 days? Anyone been keeping count? Wasn’t it around 90k on Monday? Shouldn’t we be around 360k if the doom merchants were correct?

  12. Meanwhile over in Ely, Murphy has posted his Christmas Wish List. An odd combination of old Left economics and painfully ‘woke’ requests on social Issues. The inanity is overwhelming…

  13. Andrew C – you’re assuming that all cases are Omicron, but it’s only a subset of the total (can’t be arsed checking how big a subset).
    So even if Omicron was doubling you wouldn’t see it in the totals.

    Not that I’m disagreeing with your point – just a bit of pendantry.

  14. Ritchie’s real Christmas list
    A peerage
    A place on the board of various quangos
    More lucrative grants
    A political party who will adopt his ideas and give him a job
    The ability to work with people for more than a few minutes without a massive fallout

  15. @Andrew C, maybe people are voluntarily changing their behaviour to minimise the risk of infection. Who would have thought of it, people acting without politicians ordering them around!

  16. @V_P

    Yeah, I saw that. Truly pathetic wokery, designed to elicit fawning replies from his dullard fan club.

    Pretty sad that Spud needs this sort of support to puff his ego.

    Anyhow, I’m off home for Christmas now and will probbaly spend the next few days in an alcoholic haze so I hope everyone has a good break.

    Most especially our host, who reads so much shyte so that we don’t have to.

    After drinking way too much after work last night I knew I was in no state to drive the car home so decided to take a bus instead. I got home safely which now I think about it was a bit of a miracle because I didn’t even know I could drive a bus.

  17. Andrew C

    Your comments are a particular highlight and I did enjoy the last paragraph especially!

    Hope you have a good Christmas and enjoy your time off! Like you am planning on keeping myself ‘topped up’

  18. “Who carries the cost then?”
    Anybody *except* National Energy Action – if the fuel poverty charity actually gave any money to the poor to help them with their fuel bills it would have less to pay its bureaucrats.
    Exceptions must, however, be made for all Ed Millionaireband’s fan club with their heavily, ridiculously, subsidised roof PV panels and little windmills. If we took away their subsidies, electricity prices would go down so there would be less for Mr Scorer to shout about.

  19. Politicians are just using the numbers to hide from the fact that current isolation policies mean substantial numbers of health care staff will be off sick, NHS absences are up 54%. The capacity issue is the reduction in staff not the increase in cases.
    They won’t admit this as that will lead to questions about why they haven’t done anything to deal with a predicable situation. Locally they enforced a vaccine mandate and suspended couple of thousand staff then blamed the inevitable staff shortage issues on the suspended staff

  20. Bloke in North Dorset


    I don’t know much about Xmas Spain, is it like most of Europe with main celebrations on Xmas eve?

    And I’ll add my best wishes to everyone.

  21. Echoing the season’s greetings to all. Relatively abstemious so far with just scotch & ginger wine his evening, but perhaps I’ll get a bit more merry tomorrow. However at my age the attraction of getting seriously kalied is waning. I just fall asleep…

  22. Merry Christmas to all, my absent wife has ordered a very nice fortified wine that I look forward to opening on Christmas Day

  23. There are NO reliable con-vid figures as they all are examples of state-organised lying.

    Therefore bollocks to all state calculations of anything to do with con-vid. It is a bad winter flu lied to the skies to promote it as Black Death 2 so that CCP-style social credit tyranny can be established. You may want to live that way but I don’t and wont be taking the vax shite ever.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

  24. Hey y’all’s!!

    Merry Chrifmaf to all and best wishes for a notably improved new year.

    Eve here is kir plus pate then a nice chunk o dead cow avec spuds sauté and (who knows why??) cooked spinach with an entirely drinkable burgundy Pinot noir (duh!) of old vines, a blueberry tarte tatin sitting in shallow liqueur de poire, followed by a nice espresso.

    Tomorrow we shall try harder!!!

  25. Merry Christmas all from Radnorshire. I am alone due to having the pestilence, but thankfully well enough to drink!

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