So that’s Bath, Clifton and the New Town all to go then

Links to slavery, d’ye see?

Culloden, near Inverness, is known as the place where the Jacobite rebellion was finally crushed in 1746, but the battlefield overseen by the NTS has now become the first in Britain to be linked to the slave trade by an official body.

The site of Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s defeat has been included in a report into links between the slave trade and historic sites because the “the Bonnie Prince” received financial backing and a boat to Scotland from a businessman linked to the slave trade.

If we’re working at that remove then the three Georgian cities (well, but you know) of Bath, Clifton and the New Town all need to go too.

But this is like 16th cousins. By the time you get to that sort of linkage then the entire species is linked at that sort of distance. And if not 16th then 17th.

So with slavery. Yep, naughty, not unusual, we’re glad its gone. But get to third and fifth hand links and everything pre-1888 (Brazilian abolition) is linked. As with the modern day point, the supply chain for any single item is the entire world economy.

12 thoughts on “So that’s Bath, Clifton and the New Town all to go then”

  1. Obviously I feel that all Africans should be punished for their association ‘unto the seventh generation’ with the slave trade. Another variation on those with the wrong skin colour are guilty!!!!

    Or else the idiots pushing this nonsense could just be given the finger. But while people take this seriously, the pushers will push it.

  2. It’s like being accused of kiddie-fiddling because your husband’s second cousin’s sister-in-law’s uncle once commented that he liked listening to Jimmy Saville on the radio.

  3. Just tell people that we’ll send them back to Africa if they want it. Or, maybe consider how lucky they are that their ancestor wasn’t quick enough to escape being enslaved, and they live in countries where people have 3 square meals and aren’t killing each other on a regular basis.

    I’m not saying that slavery was good for their ancestors. Not at all. But do you think Spike Lee would be making films if his own personal Kunte Kinte had stayed in Nigeria/Cameroon?

  4. I don’t like to acknowledge it often, especially not to my porridge wog acquaintances, but, according to my birth certificate, I have a double barrelled surname, the first half being Stuart-. Looks like I should go and throw myself into Bristol harbour.

  5. @BlokeonM4

    Question put to Muhammed Ali asked about his trip to Zaire:

    “what did you think of Africa?”


    “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat!”

  6. When all those freed slaves after the American civil war were given the opportunity of a passage back to Africa, it is said that less than a 1/4 took up the offer. Liberia was apparently formed from freed slaves who, on landing there, began to kill and enslave the indigenous population. This was, of course, the fault of white people.

  7. The more I hear about this “slave trade” business, the more based it sounds. Personally, I’d love to own some slaves. It’d really take the misery out of the wife nagging me to trim the trees.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ Question put to Muhammed Ali asked about his trip to Zaire:

    “what did you think of Africa?”


    “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat!””

    The assumption there is that he’d have been born in Africa. The reality is that absent the Atlantic slave trade granddaddy would probably have been sold to Arab slave traders and they didn’t allow slaves to breed, castration being one of the first things that was done to slaves.

    That’s why Arab countries don’t have the same problem of a very large 3rd, 4th or even longer generation of freed slaves living in the area demanding reparations.

  9. One of my Scottish ancestors came to the states as a slave after the Scots lost the Battle of Dunbar. I too, am glad my ancestor got on that boat.

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