Something of a late developer I fear

I think I was nine when I rumbled Santa.

8 thoughts on “Something of a late developer I fear”

  1. The precocious eight year old Murphy’s notes for Santa:

    “Dear Santa

    Please have I have a Hornby 00 gauge Mallard and a model of a uniformed platform controller with an officious facial expression.

    Can you please leave me confirmation by way of signed affidavit of your compliance with these points:

    firstly – customs duty is paid on all your goods in the relevant country of importation
    secondly – correct import declarations to all tax authorities
    thirdly – quarantine regulations for your reindeer are observed
    fourthly – current and valid certificate of airworthiness for your sleigh
    sixthly – drinks and food left out for you are reported as income of your trade
    seventhly – you do not route through any secrecy jurisdiction”

    Merry Christmas to Tim and all

  2. It makes me wonder, how much to blame are spud’s parents for what he has become? Was he born a knobhead, or was knobheadedness nurtured in him?

  3. Quakerism would have had no influence on his youth, Lord Spudcup isn’t a birthright Quaker, he’s what we call a legover Quaker. 😉

  4. I was 11 – in P7 – when parents told me. P7 / 11 was when most children were told where I lived. All had 10 Santa Christmases.

    It now appears many RC children only enjoy 5 or 6 Santa Christmases

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