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Odd mind:

France’s first lady, Brigitte Macron, is set to press charges after a conspiracy theory claiming she was born male gained traction on social media.

The rumour, which can be traced back to a small, extreme-Right journal article from September, falsely claims that the 68-year-old wife of Emmanuel Macron is a transgender woman who was born under the name Jean-Michel Trogneux.

How many kids does she have?

Presumably, like all proper conspiracy theories, there’s some complex explanation of that but really.

On the other hand it could just be a really marvellous joke but it’s always difficult to tell when the subject is French politics.

Ms Macron’s lawyer, Jean Ennochi, said there would be “legal action” against the instigators of the claims for libel.

Sounds like a case for Owen Jones here. As being trans is just fine then how can the suggestion be libel? Which is what folks – not Jones who was still in shorts at the time, licking sherbet dabs rather than anything else – did actually say about Jason Donovan suing for being called gay. Can’t be libellous, can it?

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  1. Steve across the Pond

    Heh. We had the same thing over here with a former first lady. Bringing even more attention to it is never the best option.

  2. Sounds hilarious to me. With three kids.

    But I have to agree. How is this libellous when he-she-it has bravely come out and displayed the pure beauty of ‘her?’ wokeness.

  3. Donovan escaped opprobrium by claiming (pretending) that he was merely suing for lying about his sexuality, rather than for actually being homosexual.

  4. Can it be libellous to accuse someone of lying about not being a thing, even if there’s nothing libellous about saying they are the thing?

  5. Yes, effectively accusing someone of being a liar can be defamatory. If you said Elton John was an unrepentant woman-shagger who cynically got gay-married to David for the publicity, he’d probably sue you. Doesn’t mean heterosexuality is immoral, tho I’m surprised it’s still legal.

    The Mme Macron conspiracy theory is amusing, but also a bit daft. There’s plenty of obvious jokes to be made due to her resemblance to Maude from Harold and Maude / Mumm-Ra The Ever-Living. Her theoretically having un baguette du pompt-de-pompt is gilding the willy.

  6. Sounds like someone has read of Lyndon Johnson suggesting that his campaign spreads a rumour accusing his opponent of fucking pigs. He doesn’t believe it to be true, but just wants the the opponent to deny it. In public.

  7. Granny’s Boy Macron is slime but marrying his Granny is bad enough. He is unlikely to have married a man. The horse-riding with his girly-haired bodyguards might be worth checking out though. Maccers is a prime creep whatever his foibles and exposing him as a top French arseholer would be a good victory.

  8. Tsk.. Asiaseen… Have you been living in a cave? DNA tests have no value against the Power of Self-Identification!! The Guardian says so!!

  9. I suspect the French view on trans is considerably less woke than U.K./US and they would have no problem with seeing it as a libellous insult

  10. My advice to Macron is to go for the old ‘English Tranny Defence’ when he appears in court and is forced to make his witness statement. Something like:

    Je l’ai rencontrée dans un club en bas dans le vieux Soho
    Où tu bois du champagne
    et qui a un goût de Cola cerise
    C-O-L-A cola

    Elle s’est approchée de moi et elle m’a demandé de danser
    J’ai demandé son prénom et d’une voix brune foncée elle m’a répondu : “Lola”
    L-O-L-A Lola lo-lo-lo-lo Lola

    Ben je ne suis pas le gars le plus physique du monde
    Mais quand elle m’a serré elle a presque cassé mon ma colonne vertébrale
    Oh ma Lola
    Lo-lo-lo-lo Lola

    Ben je ne suis pas bête mais je n’arrive pas à comprendre
    Pourquoi elle marchait comme une femme et parlait comme un homme
    Oh ma Lola
    Lo-lo-lo-lo Lola
    Lo-lo-lo-lo Lola

    Ben on buvait du champagne et dansait toute la nuit
    Sous la lueur d’une bougie électrique
    Elle m’a pris et m’a fait assoir sur son genou
    Et a dit ” Petit garçon, et si tu venais chez moi ? ”

    Ben je ne suis pas le gars le plus passionné du monde
    Mais quand je l’ai regardée dans les yeux
    Ben je me suis presque laissé prendre à ma Lola
    Lo-lo-lo-lo Lola
    Lo-lo-lo-lo Lola

    Hands in the air and a great Galic shrug.’Who wouldn’t?’

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