Suppose, could be

Don’t think it happens very often. Neither look like they regularly miss meals….

7 thoughts on “Suppose, could be”

  1. How old are their child alter-egos? Seven-year-olds can cook. And you don’t need to know how to cook in order to eat bread and jam.

  2. What I want to know is, how does the Left differentiate between an identity disorder and people who “self-identify” as a two-spirit gender?

    Lemme guess, they just let people self-diagnose. I’m sure scientists loooooove it when non-scientists do that.

  3. And they work for the government, probably in higher education.

    Fortunately, none of the 400+ is running our lives. They’re all on disabilities, I suspect.

    [Kai (green hair)] says, “‘I don’t come out that often, it’s usually other alters that run my life for me and they seem to do a better job than me a lot of the time.”

    Who would be employed?

    And are any of them trans? Has this already happened? What if one of the “alters” is Anders Brevik?

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