That EU response

Oh Aye?

Faced with Covid, Europe’s citizens demanded an EU response – and got it
Luuk van Middelaar
The pandemic finally brought into being a European public, as we discovered that our health is a common concern

That’s the one where the bureaucracy pissed about for months trying to kill off industry standards – vaccine liability standards – in the middle of a pandemic because they had no fucking clue?

Ah, yes, that is the one, isn’t it?

The pandemic led to mishaps, distrust and fierce clashes of all kinds, but it also mobilised unforeseen forces and led to huge political shifts. In the summer of 2020, the bloc’s presidents and prime ministers took two far-reaching decisions: the EU would purchase vaccines centrally,

Yep, that’s actually being touted as a victory. That they collected power and then fucked up the exercise of that power is a victory.

9 thoughts on “That EU response”

  1. Piss on the EU.

    And their clown-show. Time the lot was brought down. Bogus J could do it if he were a man rather than a fart in a suit.

  2. “Merkel displayed a seismologist’s sensitivity to undercurrents and aftershocks in the public sphere.”


  3. Steve, oh they certainly did.. It’s just that a fair slice demands a EU response the prodnoses don’t want to hear, and try desperately to ignore.

    To the same extent, the statement : “The pandemic finally brought into being a European public, as we discovered that our health is a common concern” is entirely true. Just not in quite the way the chairwarmers delude themselves with.

  4. So an organisation that is partly dedicated to freedom of movement sees its member states unilaterally restrict movement without any reference to the central body and that’s the rise of a European public and people turning to the EU.
    If anything covid seems to have made countries more insular, I’m sure Marcon would love to blame Covid restrictions on the EU if he could but even he knows that would lead to an outpouring of dissent so France passes its own rules

  5. “The EU reinvented itself.” Oh aye?

    Luuk van Middelaar is political theorist and historian. This article is adapted from his new book, Pandemonium: Saving Europe
    Political theorist, maybe. A historian? Ho! ho! ho!

  6. By purchasing vaccines, the EU betrayed its own “principle of subsidiarity”. They should consider themselves lucky that the EU didn’t stick its oar in further.

    As we’ve seen with the FDA in America (“thanks for the Phase III trial results, we’ll get back to you next month on whether to approve this vaccine”), the last thing you want in a pandemic is centralised control by bureaucrats.

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