The Fat Controller Speaks!

We need lockdown, and we need it now.

Oh Aye?

21 thoughts on “The Fat Controller Speaks!”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    More data free policy making.

    Covid patients occupying >5% of hospital beds and falling. At around 25% of those are not being treated for Covid.

    Flu level 96% below 2019/20 levels.

    Covid positive tests flat at c.9.6% for past month.

    NHS triage up only 10% in past month.

    87% of over 60s have had their Covid boosters.

    Crises, what fucking crises.

  2. Sounds like the words of a man hasn’t been out of his house for a week because he hasn’t got anywhere to go. Sees his neighbours going in and out happy and smiling and….Grrrrr. Bah! Humbug!

  3. There’s a sound theory that on the Western Front in 1918 the milder Spanish flu variant was suppressed as soldiers with it remained in situ, while the more deadly variant was transported round the world as troops with really severe symptoms were repatriated.
    Why oh why are our leaders intent on repeating this mistake now in trying to suppress Omicron?

  4. I would have thought that Richard Murphy saying:
    “We need lockdown, and we need it now.”
    Would be conclusive evidence that we don’t.

  5. Johnson can shove his BS right back up his arsehole.

    There are 20 million unvaxed and we must now fight. Start by smashing any vax reading machines set up by arse-kissers.

  6. Now, with almost two years of data, we know who COVID is a problem for: the elderly and the sickly.

    So do as Ritchie days: lockdown. But only the elderly and sickly, then throw resources at them to make sure COVID stays mild for them.

    This is basically what the Great Barrington Declaration said, over a year ago.

  7. “with almost two years of data, we know who COVID is a problem for …”: we knew it from the Diamond Princess in February 2020.

  8. Sam Jones

    Am hoping his embracing of it means there won’t be a lockdown but fear this could be along the lines of ‘even a stopped clock is right twice a day’. I think he gets the timing wrong but cannot see anything other than A January lockdown

  9. Bloke in North Dorset


    If today’s Tory promised rebellion, currently 79 and waiting for resignations in payroll vote, isn’t the beginning of the end for Boris a lockdown in January absent a massive increase in hospitalisations will be. He can’t lead a party in to a GE having relied on Labour to implement policies his own MPs openly voted against.

  10. BiND

    I’d agree. In some wqays it’s good that Murphy has publicly gone on the record as advocating a lockdown as this will enable him to be detained when advocacy of it becomes a criminal offence. After all, in effect it is a call to imprison an entire population. Quite how that can be acceptable is beyond me.

  11. But remember, kiddies, it’s the sceptics who’re being selfish.

    PS. I never thought I’d see this in… well, the mainstream media at all, let alone the Mail (maybe it’s an indication of the way the wind’s blowing):

    Yet you only have to look at the picture in South Africa, where the world’s first known cases of Omicron were spotted, to realise this reaction is out of all proportion to the risks posed by this variant.

    And I should know — because I am the doctor who first raised the alarm about Omicron back in November.

  12. What a nasty little fascist. The moronic variant is mild according to available evidence, despite what Johnson might say in his appeal to superstition. The team that sequenced it are telling us not to worry, the WHO is telling us not to worry, that cretin in No 10 and his advisers are telling us to panic. Fuck off.

  13. Longrider

    A friend of mine who suffered severe anxiety as a result of the lockdowns described Murphy as a ‘F$%&ing psychopath’ based on his call for them now which I think sums him up quite nicely….

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