The first half of this is excellent

Very well done that man.

Gets a but mushy (I know, sorry) about half way in but that first half is simply very well done indeed. Applause.

Hmm? Look, The Guardian publishes so much total dreck that finding something well done in it should be pointed out.

4 thoughts on “The first half of this is excellent”

  1. I’ve occasionally gone to see the mushing in Thetford Forest. The dogs are lovely animals and thoroughly enjoy their exercise. I’m waiting for someone like Peta to try to have it banned on the grounds that getting dogs to pull rigs is slavery.

  2. His dream is to ride a dog like a horse? I’ve never seen a horse ride a dog. I expect it’s hard on the dog.

  3. Tim –

    There is a consistently excellent writer in the US named Sean Dietrich. I believe his blog is a compendium of his newspaper columns.

    Many of us readers find his writing highly allergenic. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves.

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