There is something so Northern about this

Yet when an Italian television company wanted to fly him to Rome he turned them down. “I was all of a bloody tremble,” he said, adding that not only had he never flown, but he had only left Lancashire once, on a day trip to London for a brass-band contest.

The sort of tale that has me expecting Peter Tinniswood to start shouting – No, it’s just a story!”.

I mean really, it would be for a brass band contest, wouldn’t it?

And this. Wasn’t Philip just the boy?

He never escorted the Queen, his ultimate employer, across the sands, but the Duke of Edinburgh’s visit was a highlight. “Once we set off, he asked me a lot of questions,” he told Lancashire Life. “As we were coming to the other end of the bay there was a crowd gathered and they all started applauding. The duke said, ‘Stand up Mr Robinson, it is you they are clapping, not me’.”

5 thoughts on “There is something so Northern about this”

  1. Not really Northern, just rural. A guy whose critical knowledge & skills are very locally relevant so he stays there. You could probably say the same about ghillies.

  2. Marvellous obit and well deserved. Lives rooted in a particular place are rare in the developed world these days. We are spread more thinly.

    Everything I have read about Prince Philip since his death has swelled my admiration for him.

  3. MC,

    “Everything I have read about Prince Philip since his death has swelled my admiration for him.”

    Yet his progeny never fail to disappoint. One wonders why.

  4. @ Andrew M
    Sometimes they fail to disappoint: Anne did win a world championship; Charles was close to getting a England Polo cap and has had many good moments (e.g. when one of his ratings aboard the minesweeper complained about the food, which Charles ate to show that it was edible – those who have sampled public school food understand why he could – then said “I’ll take this higher” and Charles just said “How much higher do you think you can go?”); Andrew, my least favourite, did a good job in the Falklands War and produced a good quote about the French missiles going *over* his helicopter when in theory the helicopter should have been safe *above* the height of the missile. Zara Phillips is another equestrian star; complaints about Harry may be ignored until/unless a DNA test proves he is a grandson of Philip; William demonstrates a lot more of Elizabeth’s devotion to duty than Philip’s enthusiasm but has regularly risked his life to save others.

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