They’ve not really grasped the change they’re making

Organisers of the Whatsonstage Awards have replaced actor and actress categories with performer in a male or female identifying role.

The earlier classification went to the sex of the performer, not the role. This is not about the role, not the performer. Whether we call it sex or gender that still a large change, no?

10 thoughts on “They’ve not really grasped the change they’re making”

  1. Hold on… That’d mean that a cis-hetero male doing a very good job in performing a “female identifying” role would be eligible for the former “actress” category, innit?

    I don’t think they realise the can of worms they opened there.. For the above, and for forgetting to include every option the Alphabet Soup crowd invented for themselves..

    Cue cries of “cis-normative binarism!!” in 3…2…1….

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Very soon acting will be banned. Everyone will play themselves.

    Good. An end to historical costume dramas on TV is what is needed to bring some innovation to our TV screens. Can we also find a way to bring the end food programmes while we’re at it.

  3. Too right, BiND. Food’s about flavours, odours & textures. On a TV screen it’s just some coloured muck in a pan. WTF’s the point?
    Riffing off of this, what the hell’s this current obsession people have for photographing everything’s put down in front of them. I like people enjoying eating what I’ve cooked for them. Not sending pictures of it to all & sundry. By the time they’ve finished it’s half cold & not worth eating.

  4. @John B:

    Don’t they already? Certainly in most soaps they are very much playing themselves.Even if they start differently, that’s how they end up.

  5. With pantomime season being upon us, will this make things more confusing or less confusing?

    I await the Guardian article condemning the audience for shouting “he’s behind you!” Instead of “he/hum’s behind you/them”

  6. With pantomime season being upon us, will this make things more confusing or less confusing?

    Audiences everywhere: He’s behind you!
    Evil character: did you just assume my gender? Bigots!
    The Guardian: all pantomimes , cancelled and outlawed due to hate speech Pandemic. All Britain found to be transphobic! Could be fault of Brexit or Thatcher.

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