This could explain the lady penis

The danger of treating body parts like fast fashion

Vox would though be most, most, offended if you read the article that way.

5 thoughts on “This could explain the lady penis”

  1. The article complained about beauty standards being eurocentric, but would complain bitterly about cultural appropriation if non-eurocentric we’re adopted across the board.

  2. Not so long ago if a women asked “does my bum look big in this” you had to answer “no”. Apparently now the correct answer is “yes”.

  3. Complaining that, historically, standards of beauty in a given society were based on members of that society’s behaviors seems a pretty daft thing to do.

    Or is the idiot writer simply saying that (eg) black societies were incompetent at identifying, pushing and promulgating specific vies on beauty? Bacist scum!

    But what the writer is **actually** saying is that a statistically very large proportion of women are so effing stupid that they let “fashion” be a primary force in their lives, rather than reality. Once the wimminz realize this, it’ll be to the lamp post for the writer, because just how mysogynistic can you be and not get punished?

  4. I’m unaware of Vox, but the article, using simplistic statements and cartoon images, is talking down to women.
    So perhaps another objection to their stereotyping would be their assumption that women are stupid and therefore incapable of understanding more difficult issues.

  5. Yes, what happens when your lovely new penis goes out of fashion? I would advise getting an uncircumcised one, that way you can get another year’s use out of it before it goes to the charity shop.

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