To agree with Rod Liddle

Yet for once freedom of speech is not the crucial issue for me here. It is instead the burgeoning madness and stupidity, condescension and racism that are propelling us towards the De-Enlightenment.

The specific example doesn’t matter, for it’s an excellent explanation of all too much that is going on out there.

We can each make our own lists of course. I’ve recently seen someone claiming we’re going to run out of aluminium – the stuff that’s 8% of the lithosphere.

13 thoughts on “To agree with Rod Liddle”

  1. “someone claiming we’re going to run out of aluminium”

    I can beat that – I know one halfwit who’s convinced that as we don’t recycle computer chips we’re going to soon run out of silicon, which is ~26% of the lithosphere.

  2. The argument — facile beyond comprehension — is that science has been used by white, western, developed nations to underpin colonialism and is therefore tainted by its association with white supremacy. As Dawkins pointed out, science is not “white”. (The assumption that it is is surely racist.) Nor is it imperialist. It is simply a rather beautiful tool for discerning the truth.

    Hows that post-Christian Age of Reason working out for you, Richard?

  3. My own take on this all is disruption. Same as when people stopped going to the theatre or art galleries because cinema did a better job. Clownworld moved in and gave us piles of bricks and stuff about Fatcher. The old institutions like the BBC, the MSM, large sections of universities are dying. The kids are learning stuff from YouTube, which has some great stuff on it, and without being smothered with THE MESSAGE.

  4. The universities are easily dealt with: Dissolution of the Universities. I’ve been using that expression for umpteen years. Just one caveat: protect my pension!!

    Theatre: you like it or you don’t. I do. But I’m buggered if I see what it should be subsidised. (More accurately I used to like it: recently I’ve been so annoyed by poor sound quality that I’m never going again. It’s not just old ears, it’s incompetent actors and cuntish directors. Same thing on the telly: watch something old – no probs; watch something recent -subtitles required.)

  5. The racism angle is intriguing; they can’t “sell” it and it’s too early to force it. They (marxists and guilty white liberals) probably are stupid and mad enough to ignite a race war that their heroes will lose.

    Covid and climate change are saleable because they tap into fear and self preservation. But telling 70% of the population that their ancestors were shit, they’re shit and their children are shit; and must be punished (and the black men will take the women, like on TV ads) – well boy, that dog just don’t hunt.

  6. If I may respectfully correct our genial host, in fact only 7% of the lithosphere is aluminium. The fraction underneath the Septics is, of course, aluminum.


  7. dearieme, meeto (Dissolution, Pension, Theatre), no telly but I find there are a lot of good things made by amateurs on youtube.

  8. @djc: it’s odd. I’ve said for a while that I can’t make out the dialogue on TV ‘tec shows but can hear every word of a sports commentator even above the crowd noise. Yesterday Channel Four defeated me; I couldn’t make out the commentary from the Cardiff/Toulouse game.

  9. “the De-Enlightenment”: I saw somebody saying that you can understand the tartan fascist government in Scotland, and the Scottish lickspittling classes, by realising that their aim is the reversal of the Scottish Enlightenment.

  10. @Hopper
    IUPAC, who decide these things, have decreed that everyone must call it aluminium. Equally they insist on the spelling sulfur.

  11. “they insist on the spelling sulfur.” Phascists.’

    Thank you dearieme. I of course believe it should be spelled sulphur as God intended!!!!

  12. djc,

    “dearieme, meeto (Dissolution, Pension, Theatre), no telly but I find there are a lot of good things made by amateurs on youtube.”

    The thing with YouTube is about how easy it is to enter the market compared to TV. TV is closer to government picking winners. A few Tristans in charge at the BBC, ITV and C4. Assuming the amateurs have the budget to do the thing (and making a movie review show or doing science experiments is cheap) YouTube wins because one of those thousands of amateurs is more likely to come up with a killer idea than a Tristan is.

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