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Andrew Bailey’s reluctance to raise rates is getting more incredulous by the day

Can you say it that way?

I – or you – can be incredulous about something, but can the thing itself be? It’s umm, “amazing to believe” or even “impossible to believe” so it needs someone to be doing the not believing, doesn’t it?

10 thoughts on “Umm”

  1. OED says

    incredulous: Unbelieving; not ready to believe; sceptical.

    incredible: Not credible: that cannot be believed; beyond belief.

    There was a use of incredulous to mean incredible but it became obsolete in the mid-18th C. I know the Telegraph’s subs are a little behind the times, but that’s excessive.

  2. pendulum is neuter singular, pendula is the plural.

    And collective nouns are singular. Unless, of course, there is more than one collection…

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