Well, no Gary

The government did not act. The inequalities became more evident. In England, mortality rates among some Black and Asian groups were between 2.5 and 4.3 times higher than among white groups, when all other factors were accounted for.

That’s certainly not including Vit D levels and all that. And I doubt very much that it includes socioeconomic profiles even if it does comorbidities.

Thing is, if we want to solve a problem we’ve got to get the analysis of why it is a problem right first. Shouting about institutional racism might not be a good start to that.

Minorities were not more susceptible because they were Black or brown, but because they were more likely to be poor.

Ah, right, so everything else wasn’t taken into account now, was it? And a small question here. Mass immigration is a pretty new thing. Last time the most recent immigrants were top of the societal pyramid was with the Normans. So, why should the recent arrivals have that same socioeconomic profile as the average?

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  1. If the same number of minority ethnic people still don’t trust the state and institutions now as 30 years ago, has Gary considered the problem might not be with the state and institutions at all?

  2. Ghastly racemonger.

    He claims to be campaigning to make race relations better, but he must know that he is making them far worse by deliberately driving a wider and wider split in society the way that he does.

    But then, as our host says: Grifters Gonna Grift.

  3. Poor Gary Younge; he’s so horribly oppressed by evil White people that he makes a good living in a White country by telling anyone who’ll listen how horribly oppressed he is…

  4. I had to stop reading for blood pressure reasons.

    OK the effects of Covid are a bit like Russian roulette, some people are more susceptible than others.

    But for what it’s worth treatment is FREE for everyone who can’t afford it. Bowl up to A&E and they’ll see you. You’ll probably catch something worse while you are there though. Bloody doctor will probably speak your language too.

  5. But Otto, there is no treatment. That is, things which are claimed to work are not allowed by the NHS as a treatment on positive test. That is the scandal of covid.

    The tendency of the immigrant and immigrant-descended communities to live in the poor areas of big cities cheek-by-jowl is surely a factor. That and the universal correlation that shit things happen to poor people. And the corollary that poor people are the ones to whom shit things happen. Not just this disease but the whole range of shit things.

  6. There’s another factor they ignore. Healthcare isn’t just an end of life medical intervention thing. It includes a lot of non-medical things like diet, environmental exposure etc & in the UK is a conception to death thing. So immigrants wont have benefited from the whole life experience in the way the indigenous have.

  7. “Thing is, if we want to solve a problem we’ve got to get the analysis of why it is a problem right first.”

    I spent most of my working life fixing broken machines and this is absolutely true in that particular business. I strongly suspect that it is true in pretty much all other matters too.

  8. “Minorities were not more susceptible because they were Black or brown, but because they were more likely to be poor.”


    “The first 10 doctors to die from Covid were all non-white.”

    Because non-white doctors are poor?

    “We took a knee like Colin Kaepernick while raising a fist like the Black Panthers and held the pose for eight minutes – the length of time Derek Chauvin kept his knee on George Floyd’s neck.”

    Perhaps it should have been 14 minutes. The length of time Tony Timpa was kept restrained on the ground by US police before he died. You could even have shouted “you’re gonna kill me” as Timpa repeatedly did as he lay on the ground.

    Or maybe just a split second. The time it took US police officer Mohamed Noor to shoot dead unarmed Justine Damond.

    Nah, eh Gary? Tony and Justine were white.

    Or maybe 43 minutes? That would represent 1 second for every black American murdered by another black American in the USA in an average year. Although that’s likely to be higher in 2021 since the effectiveness of the nasty evil racist police have been curbed by those SJWs in the Democrat party.

  9. “Labour leaders keep their distance for fear of alienating white voters. In this regard Keir Starmer is archetypal. England’s football manager, Gareth Southgate, showed more leadership and took more risks on the issue – backing the England players taking the knee and eloquently explaining why – than Starmer ever did.”

    Gareth Southgate doesn’t have to stand for election; Keir Starmer does.

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