Energy bills will rise by as much as £85 next year following a raft of supplier collapses, the regulator has warned.

More than 20 energy companies have failed this year as the government-imposed price gap prevented them from passing on rocketing wholesale gas prices. Some 3.8m households have been affected, or 13pc of the market.

Government imposes price cap. Price cap increases prices. Well done that man.

4 thoughts on “What fun!”

  1. My gas + electric seems to have gone up by more like £85 a month – since my supplier went tits-up I’m left to the tender mercies of BG, and switching is problematic in the current confused market.

  2. I’m with Chris Miller on this one.. As an ex-customer of one of the deceased energy suppliers, the outfit to which I’ve been “assigned” (which incidentally announces itself to be one of the cheapest suppliers of 100% “green” energy!!) has increased my standing charges by an average of 22%, electricity by 27% and gas by 53%. And, because of the chaos in the energy market, switching is damned-near impossible at the moment.

    I shall be surprised if my energy bills increase by as little as £85 per month!

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