What in buggery is zithromax?

One of the ways to discover what’s going on out in that belly of the real economy is to look at what folks are spamming. Which the current failure of the spam trap gives me an opportunity to do.

If folks are spamming it then there is summat. It’s new, or highly desired and can’t be bought, or fashionable, or something.

So what in buggery is zithromax? It’s hugely popular to spam, about half the current instances. Seems to be an antibiotic. But why would people be trying to retail advertise an antibiotic? What is going on here?

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  1. The combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin (brand name: Zithromax) was touted as an early Covid-19 cure by that French quack Didier Raoult.

    Surprised it took so long for the spammers to catch up.

  2. It’s the brand name for Azithromycin. I take it – on prescription- for a fungal infection of the lung.
    It’s used for other infections, rumour says it may help people with Covid.
    Probably better for you than injecting bleach, I suppose.

  3. Look up Zelenko protocol for keeping cases of Wuflu from becoming patients by treating them early. Highly successful. The NHS prefers cases to eventually pitch with low oxygen saturation to be enthusiastically ventilated so they can claim hospitals are overrun.

  4. One of the early “this seems to have worked for some COVID patients” remedies was Z-pack (zithromax/azithromycin) with zinc and Vitamin C. This is aimed at the people who want to bypass their doctors.

  5. Sounds like a heavy metal zither band.

    Don’t laugh, I fear that there are such things in Bavaria and the Tyrol.

  6. The FDA warning about a cheap drug which threatens their recommended and expensive treatments? Say it ain’t so!

  7. @DB: “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning the public that azithromycin (Zithromax or Zmax) can cause abnormal changes in the electrical activity of the heart that may lead to a potentially fatal irregular heart rhythm”. So can the vaccines apparently. Between the devil and the deep blue sea.

    @TS: “This is aimed at the people who want to bypass their doctors.” Want to? Got little choice but to, perhaps.

  8. @Ottokring : https://www.musicngear.com/blog/most-heavy-metal-harp-14-songs-featuring-harp .
    Eluveitie in that article is actually pretty good for the genre and is regular at festivals ( at least the ones I like…. 😛 ymmv..)

    And really.. with enough distortion any string instrument can be used for “metal”. The US-ians with their indie “prog” movement are by far the worst perpetrators.
    Then again.. imagine faux-socialists getting things right for a change.. not gonna happen..

  9. @David Bolton: weird the FDA are prepared to highlight potential heart problems with Azithromycin and suggest doctors consider alternatives, but the covid vaccines get a clean bill of health………

  10. @David Bolton


    Like the ‘vaccines’ of death then. Does zithromax also cause blindness, paralysis, deafness, foetal death….. too?

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has reported that 22,000 excess deaths have occurred in England and Wales since the beginning of July, with 56% of the total figure (roughly 12,000) being linked to Covid

    Deaths higher than last year – what’s changed? Oh, the ‘vaccine’ of death

  11. Excess deaths are much more likely to be people who didn’t get an early diagnosis because of lockdowns and the Envy of the World™ being preoccupied with a bad flu.

  12. @ Chris Miller
    Also those who *did* get an early diagnosis but didn’t get treated because (a) Covid-19 and (b) cut-downs on everything to avoid face-to-face encounter and (c) NHS bureaucracy – the last time I saw a NHS Consultant he wrote a somewhat snotty letter to my GP saying , in effect, “why did you send J77? We can’t do anything for his leg” – omitting the word “now” because they could have done if I’d been seen promptly. Fortunately for me it wasn’t anything life-threatening, but in a lot of cases those with life-threatening problems have died due to the bureaucracy.

  13. @Chris Miller

    Lockdowns would explain the 167% rise in 15-18 yo male deaths since July then?

    The delayed treatment has been investigated and proven false. NHS, UKHSA, ONS now play three monkeys and say “unknown cause”

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