What’s different about LA crime

Thought this was an interesting distinction:

The 60-year-old mentions the same few topics on so many lips: Proposition 47, no-cash bail, and police officers “looking the other way because they don’t want to be accused of misconduct.”

“I was living in South Central Los Angeles in the 1990s,” Mr Maddox told the Telegraph. “Back then it was mostly crime over the drug trade, and gangs fighting each other over turf. I never felt threatened because I wasn’t part of that criminal world. Today my head’s always on the swivel, as they say in my neighbourhood.

“What’s different now is that most of the victims are completely innocent people. It’s people who are attacked on the way home from watching a movie, it’s minority-owned small businesses who are the victims of smash and grabs. And it’s happening in every corner of the city.”

Petty level crime against the person is – arguably – worse than drug gang turf battles.

I also learned something. That downgrading of shoplifting or theft below $950 in value – which leads to the steaming gangs etc. I had thought it was some woke DAs implementing it. Nope, it was a Proposition put to the voters and they passed it. Hadn’t known that.

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  1. Stopping such petty crime and harassment was the original justification for the establishment of a police force. But as usual the whole process has been perverted by the ;progressive’ impulses of the woke.

  2. “Californication” is a Thing…

    Well.. Someone has to experiment to show others why things don’t work, I guess..

  3. The proposition didn’t make petty theft legal, it just moved the line between a felony and a misdemeanor. I voted against it at the time because I could see where it would lead.

    The problem is that District Attorneys in woke cities won’t prosecute misdemeanors anymore. Some miscreants found this out recently when they inadvertently crossed the line into a more conservative county and were actually arrested for shoplifting. Surprised the hell out of them. They thought it was totally unfair.

    All the proposition did was update the felony amount for inflation. It has been on the book for a number of years. What’s new is the refusal of DAs to prosecute in the name of ‘equity’. This is one reason I am now a political refugee in Texas.

  4. Killings of ordinary people are generally not considered worthy of comment in democrat cities. It took the death of a “friend to movie stars and former presidents” to even start the conversation (and equally shamefully the articles in the UK press).

  5. This is one reason I am now a political refugee in Texas.

    Where it is no surprise that the most wokestained city (one of the USA’s leftest) is also the state capitol.
    Not sure I’d unpack all my boxes yet.

  6. The reason Austin is so woke is because it is the home of the university of Texas, which where the “elite” Texans go to get their programming.

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